The beautiful islands of Hawaii are an idyllic paradise for vacations, honeymoons, and even the renewal of wedding vows. From majestic sunsets to beautiful crashing waves upon sandy shores, it is hard to beat this picture-perfect location. This breathtaking destination has left an indelible mark on poets, artists, and performers of all types. With so much inspiration flowing through its palm trees, why not let it also be a source for the perfect name for your new baby boy?

Finding a name for a baby boy can be a hard task. It used to be that parents would buy the big book of names and just randomly flip through it to find a nice-sounding name. However, these days, there is an emphasis on infusing deeper meanings into the chosen name. For some, this could be a feeling they resonate with, a trait they want the child to embody, or even memories of great places and experiences. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful name with profound meaning, or are just wanting to commemorate the memories of your experiences in Hawaii, Hawaiian names for girls and boys could be just what you need.

As you embark on this journey of naming your baby boy, consider the timeless and meaningful options inspired by the captivating culture of Hawaii. These 50 names, each with a direct connection to the beautiful Hawaiian culture, offer not just a melodic resonance but also a pathway to memories of travel and the serene beauty of the islands. Accompanied by translations, these names are a tribute to the inspiration drawn from the vibrant landscapes and cultural richness of Hawaii.

60 Hawaiian Boy Names With Meanings

Kai – “Sea”

Levi – “Attached” or “Join”

Keanu – “Cool breeze over the mountains”

Koa – “Warrior”

Noa – “Free” or “Freedom”

Liko – “Budding leaf”

Kaikea – “White sea”

Ikaika – “Strong” or “Masculine”

Aukai – “Seafarer”

Kainalu – “Sea wave”

Nalu – “Wave”

Lono – Hawaiian god of agriculture and peace

Keani – “The breeze”

Kalani – “The sky” or “The chief”

Makoa – “Fearless”

Makaio – “Gift of God”

Makani – “Wind”

Iolana – “Soar”

Akoni – Hawaiian form of “Anthony”

Hale – “House” or “Home”

Aukake – “August” (a month)

Kahale – “House”

Kaleo – “The sound” or “The voice”

Keoni – Hawaiian form of “John”

Pono – “Righteous” or “Goodness”

Kaiwi – “He who is like the sea”

Kekoa – “The brave one”

Ikaia – “God remembers”

Kahiau – “To give generously” or “Charity”

Mahi’ai – “Farmer”

Nui – “Big” or “Great”

Kaimana – “Power of the sea”

La’akea – “Sacred light” or “Peaceful day”

Liko – “Budding leaf”

Kahuna – “A priest, sorcerer, magician, wizard”

Makani – “The wind”

Nalu – “Surf” or “Wave”

Alika – “Noble guardian”

Nakoa – “Warrior” or “Brave”

Kaili – “Descendant of a chief”

Keoni – “The gracious gift of God”

Pika – “Rock”

Kaimi – “The seeker”

Kalino – “An intelligent, clever person”

Kane – “Man” or “Manly”

Lani – “Heaven” or “Sky”

Malu – “Peace” or “Calm”

Noho – “Settlement” or “Place”

Pohaku – “Stone”

Aolani – “Cloud from heaven”

Ua – “Rain”

Kupono – “Proper” or “Right”

Kona – “Leeward”

Kimo – Hawaiian form of “James”

Keahi – “Fire”

Kamano – “The miracle”

Kainoa – “Free man”

Makai – “Towards the sea” or “By the sea”

Kahoku – “Star.”

Kale – “Man” or “Strong and manly”