The Caribbean is known for its rum and strong spirits but don’t underestimate the crisp, refreshing beers coming out of the region. But we’re not talking about the usual suspects like Red Stripe, Carib, Piton, and Hairoun.

Craft beers are also making their presence felt throughout the Caribbean islands. Get familiar with these brews.

This is the first and only craft brewery production in The Bahamas, but it started off as a homemade 5-gallon brewing system. Bahamian history is integrated into the company’s products including tales of piracy.

This premium beer is aged for 90 days in Mount Gay ‘Special Reserve’ rum casks, from what is said to be the world’s oldest distillery. This adds a few hints of rum and spice to the mix. The name comes from the 10 Saint Parishes of Barbados.

The Cooper Island Beach Club on the boat-access-only island, houses the microbrewing company which is solar-powered in keeping with the club’s eco-friendly policies.

West Indies Beer Company specializes in real hand-crafted ales. The beers are available at several spots on the island, but the widest range can be found at the brewery’s own beer garden, where the production process can also be observed.

This Jamaican-owned and operated brewery puts a unique spin on its beers. Its Lion Heart Stout features chocolate and coffee flavors and its Hard Jamaican Ginger Beer is brewed with locally grown ginger, cane sugar and, Jamaican rum.

Antillia Brewing is known for its artisanal ales inspired by St. Lucian culture and produce. Flavors include the Naked Fisherman West Indian Pale, Formidable, and Passion Fruit Ale.

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