Singles Awareness Day, celebrated on Feb. 15, is a day dedicated to the single people of the world. Friends have typically used this day to spread love to each other and rebuke the stigma of loneliness that is attributed to being single.

If you’re looking for a few cute ideas for you and your crew, check out this list we put together.

Spend the day together (masked of course)

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Nothing can make you feel the love more than spending quality time. Friends are using this day to catch up with each other while trying activities like taking a hike at a local trail, grabbing coffee from your favorite Black-owned coffee shop, or dinner/ takeout from your favorite restaurant.

Speak from your heart

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Words of affirmation to a fellow friend can be just what they need to hear. With the pandemic causing a hitch in possible plans to meet in person, sending a card, drafting an email or even writing an old-fashioned love letter can help put all the feelings you have into words.

Schedule a virtual date

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Long- distance friends are using apps like Doordash, Uber eats and Postmates to send dinner to their friends, for virtual dinner dates. FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty and other virtual meeting platforms, have made reconnecting with your friends easy and enjoyable.

Grab your favorite snacks and Netflix & Chill

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Make it a movie night. If you aren’t in the same city, no worries. Netflix now has Netflix Party which allows you and your friends to watch together, making you feel closer than ever.

Exchange thoughtful gifts

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Nothing says “I love you” like a gift from the heart. Whether it’s your best friend’s favorite flower, a candle that reminds you of them or even a gift card to their favorite retailer. Check out some of these Black-owned brands for ideas.

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