One flight attendant dishes out advice to help fliers get through the holiday season stress-free. She shares how to avoid delays and other stressful situations in airports through ‘boarding last’.

Jane Hawkins, a consumer expert and former flight attendant from the UK, wants fliers to avoid useless queues with this tip. In an interview with Express, she dishes out the secrets not many passengers know, but should.

In the interview, she states: “Board last to avoid the stress of onboard queues this Christmas. If you can keep hand baggage to a minimum so that it’s easy to stow when onboard and you already have a seat allocated then why rush?”

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The advice:

According to Hawkes, passengers may find their journey less manic and more peaceful if they wait to board. She claims that if a passenger has a bag small enough to be stowed under the seat in front of them, there is no need to rush. Even if passengers have a backpack or easily compressed bag, there should be no need to rush as there will be a place to store the luggage in the lockers.

Additionally, boarding last means having the chance to choose a seat if there is one available and preferable to the one you selected. Hawkes adds “Always check with the crew first in case there is a reason why you can’t sit there. Boarding later means less time sitting with limited leg room in an uncomfortable seat.”

Other pieces of advice include following airlines on social media for updates on your flight rather than checking at the desk. This should limit the stress of searching for information that may be at your fingertips.

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