These five places love plus-size travelers. Air travel can be difficult as a plus-size traveler, but getting to the destination and feeling the same difficulties doesn’t sound like a fun vacation. Just as disappointing as finding that perfect outfit only to discover the store doesn’t even carry (or design for) your size. 

Sometimes, vacations can feel the same way. Feeling ignored, hearing sly comments or simply feeling uncomfortable on vacation keeps even the most adventurous traveler from traveling. Quite the opposite is true in these places.

The locals’ love of plus-size travelers has led to offers of dates, long-term housing and even marriage proposals. Although the thing that travelers love most about traveling to these places is the inclusion that they feel while on vacation.

Five Countries That Love Plus-Size Travelers
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Mainstream media eats up everything thick and curvy these days. A new trend for sure. But these places have been loving their plus-size traveler’s (and locals) for eons. Several African countries couldn’t do without their voluptuous women. The same can be said for places in the South Pacific. Seen as a sign of wealth and strength, entire cultures center around plus-size men and women. Travel to these places as a plus-size traveler and feel welcome, and possibly even a bit worshipped.

1. Morocco

Places That Love Plus-Size Travelers

One of the places that loves plus-size travelers is Morocco. According to Michele Sponagle of Chubby Girl abroad, “in Morocco, I was a man magnet. I had guys following me all day. They waited for me outside restaurants and shops. I felt like the Pied Piper with a parade of men.”

2. Tahiti

Places That Love Plus-Size Travelers
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Tahitians see plus-size people as fertile and beautiful. Tahiti is a great place for plus-size travelers traveling on the solo tip. There are many opportunities for joining in on group activities including boat charters, snorkeling, walking and biking tours.

3. Uganda

Countries that love plus-size women

In 2019, “Curvy women [were] added to a list of tourist attractions that run from spectacular wildlife to national parks,” by the Uganda’s tourism minister. The country even started hosting a plus-size beauty pageant; the reason for adding curvy women to the list in the first place.

While a bit unscrupulous, Uganda wants the world to know how much they love and appreciate plus-size women.

4. Jamaica

Countries that love plus-size travelers

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It is said that some people of Jamaica link being thin with being sad. At the same time, they link being thick with being happy. Guess that gives a new meaning to happy wife, happy life. The country of Jamaica loves all of their tourists, but may have extra love for their plus-size ones.

5. Tonga

Countries that Love Plus-Size Travelers

The Tongan people’s genes bring the robust and beautiful stature to these island people. Over 90% of the population is overweight. Tongan’s welcome tourists of all shapes and sizes, especially plus-size travelers. It’s also easy for travelers to access, has beautiful beaches and pristine waters.