Anna Clara Rios, a fitness influencer from Brazil, had an unsettling experience on an airplane. On December 14, she was flying from São Paulo to Belo Horizonte.

She fell asleep and shortly after, trouble ensued.

You can see the clip courtesy of the Daily Mail here.

What Happened?

While Rios was sleeping, flight attendants “alerted her that a traveler was snapping photos of her as she slept,” according to The New York Post. 

Mortified, she “described the sordid incident in earshot of the alleged culprit, who is seen sitting next to her in his seat nonchalantly looking at his phone.”



Rios Didn't Bite Her Tongue

In a clip posted online, Rios stands in the aisle, visibly angered.

“I am shaking with rage,” she said in Portuguese. “This gentleman here was taking photos of me while I was asleep. They [presumably the flight attendants] had to let me know to move me.”

Rios suspected the man might have recognized her because of her social media presence.

But one of the flight attendants told her that the creep wasn’t just a fan taking a normal picture. He had zoomed in to snap a photo under her dress.

Even as Rios turned her camera to the man in question, he had no visible reaction.


Rios Wanted The Man To Delete The Photos

“I felt very vulnerable and insecure,” Rios went on. “So I told the flight attendant that I was going to confront him because I wanted him to delete the photos from his mobile phone.”

She shared photos of the man’s phone, which clearly show her likeness. He was trying to send them to somebody on WhatsApp.

Rios forwarded the incriminating shots to the police, who met the man on arrival at Belo Horizonte International Airport.

Passengers applauded when he was taken off the plane.


Some Comments Were Equally Disturbing

Shockingly, some people didn’t see the issue with Rios being photographed, since she is a public figure.

In the comments section on MSN, a user named MC wrote, “when you post pics of your bod all over, don’t be surprised when others take your pic. There are no innocent parties here.  Influencers cause their own dilemma.”

Several other users took this person to task.

Katie Metts retorted, “it doesn’t matter what she is nor is not wearing. She has a right to do whatever she wants with her own pictures. She has a right to maintain control over her image. If you don’t like what she does for a living – that is your problem.  Doesn’t give anyone the right to take pictures of her while she is sleeping.  That is just gross.”