If the eyes are truly the windows to the soul, then you want to make sure your eyeshadow enhances their beauty. There are so many options to choose from because there are so many different brands on the market.

You’ll be relieved to know you don’t have to spend a ton of money to own these palettes. They allow you to look your best without putting a strain on your wallet.

Applying eyeshadow is kind of like making cocktails. The possibilities and combinations are endless. If you’re a newbie to eyeshadow application, consider your eye color. Generally, those with brown eyes can work with the most colors.

Whether you want bright colors, glitter or matte, check out these eyeshadow palettes for your next vacation.

Want Bright, Lasting Colors? This Eyeshadow Palette Is It!

This professional eyeshadow palette is packed with an array of vibrant colors. They last long, blend easily and have different finishes. Some of the finishes are matte or natural, while others have a sprinkle of glitter.

The set includes neutral colors and bold colors, like blues, reds and greens. You won’t want to travel anywhere without this in your carry-on or suitcase! It is an essential packing item to glam up your look on the go.

You might think you’d have to sell your house to afford a beautiful palette like this, but you don’t! It’s more affordable than you’d expect, and Amazon users are pleased.

Eyeshadow Palettes For The 90’s Babies Who Are Now Adults

Rechoo 99
Rechoo 99

Millennials, do you remember the Lisa Frank craze of the 90s that featured rainbow stationary and rainbow pens? This eyeshadow palette harks back to that long-gone era.

The finishes are matte and glitter, and you can use them on your face and body for an extra bit of spark. The powder won’t clump up on your face, and each color is sweat resistant, so you can look your best in any climate.

With 99 colors, the only issue you’ll have here is deciding which one to use.

Eyeshadow That Goes Back to Basics

If the first two palettes are too loud, no worries. The Bestland Naked Palette may be the perfect one for you.

This palette features mostly neutral colors and can be applied wet or dry. They blend beautifully with each other, and you can rest assured knowing that they will be well packaged so that they won’t break in transit.

The palette is vegan and cruelty-free, and there’s a brush included.

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Aolailiya Palette
Aolailiya Palette

If you’re going to a beach club and a glittery look is what you’re going for, this palette is just right. It is waterproof, bright and ideal for all skin tones. Darker skin tones might need to layer on the colors more to get the desired pop. These glittery colors can be paired with matte or neutral colors from other palettes, or they can be applied by themselves.

The colors in the Aolailiya Palette will not irratate your skin; however, if you have a nickel allergy please use caution.

While the colors in the Aolailiya Palette will make you shine bright like a diamond, it won’t take forever to remove them. The eyeshadows comes off easily with the use of a makeup removal cloth, a cotton pad with makeup remover, baby wipes, makeup remover wipes or water.

If you’re feeling generous, consider purchasing this palette for a friend. It makes for a great present, and it’s offered at a great price.