Several European clubs offer exciting options for “lifestyle” travelers, broadly defined as those who are into swinging, BDSM, nudism, or a combination of the three. Once upon a time, these kinds of activities weren’t so broadly advertised, but now people engage in them openly and without shame. And, if we’re speaking frankly, most people are carnal creatures, so why shouldn’t they be able to connect with like minds and experiment accordingly?

As can be expected in such environments, there are rules in place, and they are about the same across the board. Consent is mandatory, safe- sex is encouraged, staring is frowned on, no cameras are allowed, and single women pay less for entry.

The crowd tends to veer younger— somewhere between 20s to 40s, but don’t be deterred if you’re older, there’s a place for you, too. Couples tend to be heterosexual, though there are designated nights and specific clubs for gays and lesbians. Lastly, be prepared to impress at the door, because if you appear disheveled, you’ll be denied entry.

Here are just a few great European clubs for travelers seeking to spice up their trip.


Yes, that’s really the name, and this mansion in Barcelona is absolutely stunning.

It’s best to drive or take an Uber there, and once you’ve paid (50-60 Euros for couples including four drinks, and 30 Euros for single women including two drinks), go upstairs to the locker room where you can safely store your belongings.

Bring a bathing suit for the pool, or skinny-dip- it’s Europe, nobody is going to care. Give the eye to that sexy young woman and her boyfriend, and have a smashing good time in the play areas, fitted with sheer, flowing curtains and tall windows- just right for the exhibitionist type. There are a few nooks here and there which are more closed off, but don’t expect much privacy.

A DJ presides over the dance floor by the pool, and there’s a pole enticing you to show the crowd that choreography you learned in pole dance class.  If you like kink, there’s a space for that as well, appointed with a St. Andrew’s Cross and other BDSM equipment.


If you prefer a spot in Barcelona that is more club oriented, Uhomo delivers, and if you happen to be invited by a Spanish couple that has been before, take advantage of that!

The dance floor is the centerpiece, with sweeping green, purple, and pink lights, and naturally, there’s a room for smoking. While dancing or nursing a cocktail, it’s going to be hard to miss the play area, as the walls are made of glass.

There’s a little kink room just behind it as well, rounding out an ideal venue for those looking for a sexy time at an affordable price. It’s 25 Euros for couples and 10 Euros for single women.


Taken is located on Rue Le Regrattier on the Ile Saint Louis, in the heart of Paris.

The exterior is nondescript by design; there’s no sign or anything else identifying it, you just have to know it’s there. Knock on the door or ring the bell, and the person who answers determines on sight whether to admit you.

Women are required to wear a dress or skirt, and couples also must be well put together. You’ll notice that the club isn’t exactly spacious, but it’s large enough to move through comfortably. It recalls a converted wine cellar, and the dance floor is the only area lacking the ‘old world’ feel.  You’ll have to cut through the people dancing to get to the smoking room and the play areas beyond.

The entrance fee is 82 Euros for couples and 36 Euros for women, and both include one free drink. And if that sounds a bit steep, remember, the Île Saint-Louis is an exclusive address.

Moon City

This Parisian club is markedly more laid back than the others, located in Pigalle. Think of a naughty spa, but the sex is separate for hygiene reasons. Have a romp in one of the 10 playrooms of various sizes, sip something at the bar, and unwind in the hammam and Jacuzzi.

Single women pay nothing (except Monday and Wednesday, when it’s 15 Euros), couples pay 68 Euros, and on the rare occasion single men are allowed, the cost is 148 Euros.

Attire isn’t stressed too much here, since you’re going to be in a robe (or less) most of the time, but you’re expected to look presentable.


Berlin has been a haven for the counter-cultural for years, and Insomnia is proud to capitalize on that. Here, “cosmopolitan freaks, urban night birds, polymorphic party people, creatives, and travelers from all over the world can celebrate to the pulsating beat of the night.”

Insomnia isn’t as cis/hetero-centered as the other clubs; gay, bisexual, pansexual and other non-straight people are always welcome. The transgender community will also find a home here.

Sex parties are held Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, and BDSM events are also offered, including workshops and opportunities for kinky play. Depending on the day you go, the cost for single women is around 15 Euros, couples pay around 50 Euros, and single men pay 95 Euros.

There isn’t likely to be a language barrier, as the crowd is international, and plenty of Berliners speak English.