Imbibing is popular, but alcohol isn’t necessary to have a great vacation. That said, the pressure to drink is palpable. With all the temptation, it can be challenging for the most disciplined person to stay on track. Over the years, the sober movement has picked up steam. Mocktails and non-alcoholic beers are readily available. Travel companies, like Hooked and We Love Lucid, design itineraries for sober clientele.

If you want to stay sober on vacation, here are some tips.

Bring a Sober Friend

Support is critical on your sober journey, especially in the beginning. If you have a sober friend or family member, invite them to travel with you. You can hold each other accountable.

Take the opportunity to make sober friends online. There are many travel groups on social media, some of which cater to those who don’t like alcohol.

Research Places That Have Limited or No Alcohol

The internet makes it easier than ever to find booze- free spots.

Hekate Cafe and Elixir Lounge is the first dive bar without alcohol in New York. In New Orleans, Dream House Lounge offers cocktails with zero proof spirits. The examples don’t stop there.

Consider traveling to places where alcohol access is complicated. There are dry counties in the U.S. In Indonesia, which is a Muslim-majority country, drinking in public places isn’t allowed.

There are wellness retreats, which are strictly alcohol-free.

Level with Yourself About Why You’re Traveling

Ask yourself what you want to gain from your travels. Then, write down some activities you’d like to try.

Go for a walk or take a hike with a local guide. Visit museums and other cultural centers. Try horseback riding or water sports, if available.

There are so many ways to activate the pleasure center in the brain that don’t involve drinking.

Give Mocktails A Try

Depending on where you’re going, getting a mocktail shouldn’t be difficult.

A versatile bartender can make virgin versions of just about any cocktail. They’ll use the same glasses and garnishes. You won’t feel like your drink is less exciting.

Popular drinks that can be made without liquor include margaritas, negronis and mojitos. One recipe calls for barley tea, which has a bitter kick similar to whiskey. Making drinks is an art, and creativity goes a long way.