Empire Cannabis Club: NYC's First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary
Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Empire Cannabis Club: NYC's First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary

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Maggie J.
Maggie J. Feb 25, 2022

Empire Cannabis Club NYC’s first recreational marijuana dispensary is open as New York City has officially legalized recreational use of cannabis. They even allow smoking in public within the city limits. Gone are the days of stop-and-frisk by the NYPD and now gone are the days of hemming you up when you have a cloud of smoke around you.

The one thing that NYC doesn’t have set up yet are dispensaries, the places you go to buy cannabis. In other states, dispensaries often resemble the Apple store, with displays set up with the perfect lighting. Tablets arranged symmetrically, with important information shooting across the screen. Associates mulling around to help you when you look stuck; but not in NYC.

Getting cannabis in NYC looks more like Craigslist delivery services. Weekend pop ups and of course the park. Lots of bodegas operate undercover too, but getting good, or even real cannabis can be iffy. Empire Cannabis Club will be a welcome sight for some of the New Yorkers struggling to find nice, ‘top shelf’ green.

The Empire Cannabis Club’s website states, “There is no legal place to acquire cannabis today, and will likely not be available until 2022 at the earliest. This delay will make it hard for customers to find cannabis – and when they do, it may not be the best quality or price. So, we did something about it. Empire Cannabis provides a membership concierge service to help people 21 years of age or older find the best recreational cannabis at the best price – legally. Let us make your life easier. Join our club and let’s toke it up together.”

So, until NYC comes up with a better plan for dispensing cannabis, Empire Cannabis Club has it figured out for you. Become a member to be able to access their ever changing array of flower, edibles and concentrates. They are open daily and some locations even have a smoking area for their members. Empire Cannabis Club, NYC’s First Recreational Marijuana Dispensary, is open and ready for your business.

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