Dubai is the ultramodern hub of fun and record-breaking wonders that is the Gen Z favorite travel destination. The location ranked highly on TikTok for Gen Z travelers with over 92 billion views.

The results are based on the number of times that the Dubai hashtag was used on TikTok. This is according to the Gen Z Travel Index released by Airport Parking Reservations. It could be said that Dubai’s popularity is due to the sheer vastness of luxury resorts and ultramodern complexes. Being home to the world’s tallest building is an added attraction that Gen Z travelers appreciate.

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Dubai Is A Gen Z Favorite Travel Destination:

After Dubai, several other cities ranked highly on the Gen Z list. Barcelona ranked second with 61.3. billion views. A combination of the weather, the iconic architecture of Antoni Gaudi such as the Basílica de la Sagrada Família and the world-class football team landed the destination in second place.

In third place was London with 42.7 billion views. The cosmopolitan and international city ranked highly for world-renowned museums and galleries, a global gastronomy scene and many iconic parks to frequent.