Children can be a hassle. Not only for parents that are traveling but for fellow passengers as well. However, kids are people too and deserve respect just like anyone else. That’s just common courtesy. One passenger didn’t feel that way.

While traveling to Las Vegas from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, Valerie Gonzalez had an absolute fit after she learned that she was going to be sitting next to a child on the five-hour JetBlue flight. She attempted to move to another seat, saying, “I’m not sitting next to a f***ing 3-year-old. I’ve been drinking all day.” As long as you have a seat, it shouldn’t matter who is sitting next to you.

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After starting the unnecessary drama, things escalated. Orlando Alzugaray, a fellow passenger, began filming her, which caused her to become even more upset. “Oh, you wanna tape me? Make this viral,” Gonzalez said, using expletives. According to the police report, the 32-year-old irate passenger spit on the passenger that was sitting in front of her. As she was being escorted off the plane, she tried to explain that she did nothing wrong. “Alright, I’ll get my bags. I’ll take my f***ing s***. F*** all ya’ll,” Gonzales yelled as she paraded down the aisle.

The situation looked like it was over, but that wasn’t the case. Police say after she was kicked off the plane, she tried to get back on the JetBlue flight but not without a fight. Gonzales supposedly hit an airport employee who attempted to block her. She also hit another passenger that didn’t want to switch seats with her. Police eventually got their hands on the drunken woman, but since she refused to cooperate, officials were forced to use a spit mask and had to handcuff both her hands and feet.

After being wheeled out of the airport in a wheelchair, Gonzales was charged with battery.