Queens, New York, is a woven not only from its hip-hop roots, but an entire symphony of cultures. The names 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Nas and Nicki Minaj resound throughout the streets. This enclave is a treasure trove of experiences from its culinary gems to its iconic landmarks.


Watch A Mets Game

Photo credit: Mets Baseball

For a taste of the vibrant spirit of New York, there’s no better spot than Citi Field. If you find yourself in town during a Mets home game, this is the ultimate destination. Attending a game at Citi Field offers an opportunity to mingle with the diverse and colorful characters of the city. Citi Field offers a modern experience with an array of dining options and suites.

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Photo credit: Flushing Meadow Park

An enduring emblem of the city’s allure, Flushing Meadows Corona Park stands as a timeless testament to its rich history. This park continues to captivate its visitors with an array of experiences. From immersive historical strolls to picturesque trails, Flushing Meadows Corona Park ensures a day well-spent.

Engage in soccer matches, baseball showdowns, tennis rallies or a volleyball game. The park’s idyllic lakes and trails beckon exploration, whether on foot, bike or by kayak. Immerse yourself in the diverse tapestry of culture and civic engagement within its grounds. 

Grab a Slice

Levante LIC

Photo credit: Levante LIC

For a genuine taste of Italian-style pizza, savor a slice at Levante. This culinary gem boasts a wood-fired oven, crafting perfect Naples-style pizza that’s a true delight. Travelers also can indulge in any of the delectable pastas, providing an authentic Italian-American experience.

Juliet’s Pizza

Photo credit: Juliet’s Pizza

For a quick, quintessential New York-style slice, Juliet’s in Long Island City is your go-to destination. This genuine eatery exudes hipster charm and offers outdoor seating, perfect for relishing a picturesque fall day. It’s also a savvy choice if you’re keeping an eye on your budget while exploring the vibrant city.


Museum Of The Moving Image

Photo credit: Museum Of The Moving Image

The Museum of the Moving Image’s mission revolves around enhancing understanding, enjoyment and appreciation of the diverse realms of film, television, and digital media. The Museum’s Education department engages around 70,000 students annually through guided tours, educational programs and workshops. This Queens museum embraces its role as an educational and experiential hub with a presence on various social media platforms.


Photo credit: MoMA PS1

MoMA PS1 extends the legacy of Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art, showcasing contemporary art and installations while boasting a remarkable collection of outsider and fringe art. Its global exhibits span paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and large-scale installations. This artistic hub thrives not only visually, but also through live events.

Dinner Options

Sweet Chick

Photo credit: Sweet Chick

Situated in Queensbridge projects, Sweet Chick is a place steeped in the legacy of the rapper Nas. Sweet Chick emerges as a culinary gem. Adding a flavorful twist to tradition, Nas also stands as the co-founder of this restaurant chain.

Black Sea Fish & Grill

Photo credit: Black Sea Fish & Grill

Savoring the rich flavors of the Mediterranean has been a hallmark of Queens’ dining scene. For more than two decades, Black Sea Fish & Grill reigned as the quintessential dining destination in Rego Park. This establishment boasts an array of fresh whole fish, alongside meats grilled over an open flame.

Bad Habits

Photo credit: Bad Habits

Bad Habits emerges as a dynamic hotspot that transcends the normal dining experience. Beyond its Latin sushi menu, this Queens venue stands as a canvas of original storytelling through artwork. Each wall has a captivating narrative crafted by New York-based artist Andrew Thiele. Every inch of Bad Habits beckons to be captured. It is a testament to the owners’ aspiration for its distinct food and decor.