Airport lounges have long been the go-to places to kill time, in style, before a flight. With the stress of pandemic travel and the consequent flight delays, cancellations and general airport chaos, this became even more of a favorite spot.

Delta and Amex Airline lounges have recently made clear that customers are not to over-spend time in their lounges. Until now, their customers were able to spend as long as they desired in the lounge, now there are certain time limits.

Delta Air Lines has set limits at three hours for people using Delta Sky Club with Managing Director Claude Roussel saying, “We are not a WeWork.” Centurion lounges for American Express fliers can also expect similar rhetoric. According to Forbes reports, in the San Francisco Centurion lounge there is a time limit of three hours (delays and layovers notwithstanding).

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Delta and Amex airline lounges impose limit

New rules

Even with the new 3-hour limitations, there are of course some exceptions. Delays and cancellations are exceptions and so offer some relief from the new rules.

The idea is to prevent fliers from spending excessive amounts of time in the lounge, particularly as travel returns to pre-pandemic levels. While many have become comfortable using the lounges as a place of rest and/or work, it seems that lounges are resisting this behaviour.

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