Delta Airlines Says Goodbye To Two Additional Cities
Photo Credit: Photo credit: Delta Air Lines

Photo Credit: Photo credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Airlines Says Goodbye To Two Additional Cities

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Rafael Peña
Rafael Peña May 17, 2023

In response to the ongoing challenges caused by the pandemic, Delta Airlines has announced the removal of two additional cities from its flight schedule. This decision brings the total number of cities cut by Delta since the start of the pandemic to 17. 

The airline will officially exit these markets on June 5, as confirmed by Delta in April. This means travelers planning to fly Delta for events such as Penn State football games in the fall must make alternative arrangements. Previously, Delta operated flights from LaGuardia in New York to University Park Airport near State College and between Minneapolis-Saint Paul International and La Crosse Regional Airport. However, these routes will be temporarily suspended starting in June.

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Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta spokesperson Drake Castañeda explained, “Delta continues to evaluate the regional market, monitoring regional carrier pilot availability and customer demand. Delta will proactively notify affected customers and re-accommodate accordingly. We apologize to customers for any inconvenience these changes may cause.”

It’s important to note that these two cities are just the latest additions to the list of cities no longer served by Delta flights. The other 15 cities previously cut during the pandemic have not been reinstated. 

Furthermore, it is important to note that these two cities are just the most recent additions to the list of cities where Delta flights have been discontinued. Out of the 17 cities that were previously cut during the pandemic, none of them have been reintroduced to Delta’s flight schedule. The complete list of cities from which Delta flights no longer operate includes:

  1. Akron, Ohio
  2. Cody, Wyoming
  3. Durango, Colorado
  4. Erie, Pennsylvania
  5. Flint, Michigan
  6. Fort Smith, Arkansas
  7. Grand Junction, Colorado
  8. La Crosse, Wisconsin
  9. Lincoln, Nebraska
  10. Manchester, New Hampshire
  11. New Bern, North Carolina
  12. Newburgh, New York
  13. Newport News, Virginia
  14. Peoria, Illinois
  15. Santa Barbara, California
  16. State College, Pennsylvania
  17. Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

These cities have unfortunately been impacted by the pandemic-related adjustments in Delta’s flight operations and have not yet been reinstated into the airline’s schedule.

The airline industry has faced significant challenges in recent years, mirroring the struggles experienced by businesses and individuals throughout the country. Delta recently approved a new contract with a 35% raise for its workers over the next four years to counter these difficulties. Additionally, the company plans to recruit and train new pilots to fill the vacant roles of approximately 17,000 employees who departed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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While these investments are intended to strengthen the airline, they require time. Delta typically assigns pilots to smaller markets at the start of their careers before transitioning them to larger ones, provided it benefits both the airline and the employee. As Delta continues to build its workforce, reducing the number of flights offered in regional markets has become necessary, leading to another round of cuts.

It’s worth noting that Delta is one of many airlines facing challenges. The Federal Aviation Administration recently requested airlines reduce their flight numbers at major airports by up to 10% due to a shortage of air-traffic controllers. This shortage, primarily caused by the pandemic, has resulted in numerous delays and cancellations in 2022. The hope is that reducing flight offerings will help alleviate these issues and improve overall air travel experiences.

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