The death of a US-based Instagram model in Ghana has sparked some debate on the possible danger and risks of being flown out of the country by a person you may not know very well.

Police in Ghana have arrested two suspects in connection with the death of Dasani Williams, who is widely known as Tyger Booty. Williams was found dead in her room at the Rayprosh Hotel in Abelenkpe in Accra on Dec. 14, as reported in Ghana News.

She reportedly traveled to Ghana at the request of a local billionaire to service him and his friends, as well as promote a few events.


“So far, two people (names withheld) are currently in custody helping police investigations,” a statement signed by ACP Kwesi Ofori, director-general of Public Affairs reads.

Ghana’s authorities have not released official details regarding her death, but a preliminary investigation reportedly suspects a drug overdose.

Williams’ family isn’t buying it and suspect foul play. The family wants the autopsy to be done in the US.

“We don’t trust Ghana health authorities will do a good job, so we want the autopsy done in the United States. Unfortunately, none of us is from there [Ghana], and we’re not sure what will happen,” Williams’ sister, Julie, stated.

The details around her death, specifically the allegations of being flown to Ghana, has social media discussing the dangers of being flown out, especially alone.

“You don’t know anything about these men why do you think that there’s a possibility you would not return the way you came?” someone stated on Instagram.

“Ladies!!! Wake-up call!!! Stop going to these foreign country’s alone!! Not worth it! Save yourself,” another Intstagram added.

“Can’t go overseas alone, rule number 1,” an Instagram user said. “Always carry someone with you out of the country.”