You can not mention the word dance without thinking of everyone’s favorite coach, Mrs. Dianna Williams aka Coach D. As she gears up for the 10th Anniversary of the Buck or Die National Majorette Training Camp, she took time out of her busy schedule, to discuss her upcoming projects, her love for a good hibachi grill, travel plans and more.

Travel Noire: You are constantly traveling with DD4L all over the world, what are 4 things that you tell your girls to always pack?

Dianna Williams: When DD4L travels with me, they are expected to bring the following : professionalism, patience, commitment and loyalty. We all know costumes are a requirement, but I am a coach teaching life skills. It’s essential that the dancers are professional and respectful, as soon this could be their life. Dancing professionally, in college and more are some of their goals. My expectations help teach responsibility. 

TN: What has been your favorite city to perform in so far?  

Dianna Williams: Traveling and going on tour is a bonus that God has given. These events are fun and exciting. This year alone, we’re heading to Dallas, Nashville, Cincinnati, Jacksonville, St Louis, Chicago and more. I honestly don’t have a favorite city, because I love them all.

TN: Do you have a favorite restaurant while on tour, and what are you ordering?

Dianna Williams: I love Benihana! Who doesn’t love a good hibachi grill? Eating right while traveling, well eating right period is essential to a dancer’s body. The kids eat junk sometimes, but most often we enjoy healthy foods. 

TN: What are your top 8 items to bring while traveling? 

Dianna Williams: While traveling, I always pack what I call the essentials: my wigs, shoes, handbags, deodorant (gotta stay fresh), clothes (I have to lay out each outfit before packing), underwear (for some reason I always forget!), my debit card and curling iron (gotta keep those wigs fresh).

TN: Where is your favorite destination?

Dianna Williams: I haven’t experienced my favorite destination yet. I’ve been all over the United States, but I desire to visit many more places. My favorite place in the United States, is Norfolk, Virginia. While on the Bring It Live tour, I enjoyed myself the most there. I can’t explain it but the people, the environment and the city was everything.

TN: What’s your dream destination? 

Dianna Williams: So, I have a bucket list. I’m excited to travel to Dubai. I’ve always wanted to see the world, and my husband and I made a promise that 2022 was the year to start.

TN: What’s next for you?

Dianna Williams:  I recently launched the DD4L APP that shows exclusive content never before seen. So many want to see DD4L, so I created a way for our fans to receive exclusive content right on their phones. I am also launching majorette university, a series of E-books and webinars that will teach current and aspiring dance coaches, dancers and dance moms how to survive in the dance world, how to turn their organizations into businesses, how to create successful competition circuits and more. I’m excited about this project. With 20 years of knowledge under my belt, it’s time I begin to teach the world everything I know.