Every culture has its own set of unique traditions. Mother’s Day is no exception and when it comes to celebrating the mommies of the world, there isn’t any short stepping. But have you ever wondered what other countries do to celebrate the mothers they love?

Believe it or not, every country doesn’t celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. In fact, places outside the US have their own customs that define the love they shower on their moms. Here’s how a few cultures around the world celebrate Mother’s Day.


Mother's Day
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Australia celebrates Mother’s Day very similar to the United States. The country recognizes the holiday on the second Sunday in May and flowers are the primary gift choice for moms. Believe it or not, Australian children prefer to give their mom mums. The chrysanthemum is the perfect gift for Australian moms. They also like handing out carnations to symbolize their love for mothers. 


Mother's Day
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In Peru, families also celebrate moms on the second Sunday in May. Gifts, flowers, and admiration are on full display. However, there is a slight twist. Peruvian families spend most of Mother’s Day in cemeteries honoring the mothers, grandmas, and aunts who have passed away. Families clean off the gravesites and decorate them with flowers. They dine in the cemetery and use the day to reflect on the moms they’ve lost. 


Mother's Day
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Mexican families celebrate Mother’s Day on May 10 and it’s the country’s biggest holiday of the year. Of course, everyone has flowers available for the mommies. But Mexico is unique because children are expected to stay home to honor their mothers. Its also not uncommon to see mariachi bands serenading mothers with the song “Las Mananitas.”


Mother's Day
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Haitian children celebrate their mothers on the last Sunday in May. Families attend church together and everyone wears a different color flower to honor their moms. Those with mothers still living wear red flowers while those whose moms recently passed away wear white ones. If a mother has been deceased for a long time, Haitian children wear lavender flowers on their clothes.