Everyone has those last-minute items that go in their suitcase right before they zip it up. For some people, it’s an extra pair of socks, one more outfit, or an electrical adapter for an international trip. Another last-minute item to pack should be an umbrella. Even if you’ve checked your destination’s forecast and no rain showers are expected, it never hurts to be prepared.

Instead of bringing your usual, a compact travel umbrella should be a part of your gear. Even if you’re packing this last minute, it will still fit in the little nooks and crannies of your large suitcase or even carry-on luggage. Also, though they’re small (some measure just five inches!), they’re durable, windproof, and some even have UPF sun protection.

Yoobure Mini Umbrella with Case

This compact travel umbrella weighs less than a pound and folds to seven inches tall. This easily fits in your carry-on luggage or even a purse. It comes with a waterproof carrying case to keep it separate from your other items. The umbrella’s material is quick drying and even has UPF 50+ protection from the sun’s rays. It’s also easy to use thanks to the single push button feature. 

Gorilla Grip Windproof Compact Umbrella

If you know you’ll be visiting a destination that’s a bit windy or rainy, then this umbrella should certainly be packed. It’s on the slightly larger side, 11 inches, but handles wind gusts of up to 23 miles per hour. The material is also tear-resistant and the handle is optimized for easy carrying with a slip-resistant grip. 

LEAGERA Mini Umbrella For Purse

For a truly compact umbrella that can fit in a belt bag, try this one that measures less than six inches. It expands to 39 inches and is ideal for a single person so bring this along for a walking tour or a day of exploring a new destination. The structure of the umbrella is made of fiberglass, so though it’s not windproof, it shouldn’t break when faced with major gusts of wind. 

Bodyguard Inverted Umbrella

Inverted umbrellas are a pretty genius design. Instead of closing down, the direction of the umbrella folds up, keeping the water from flowing downward when you close it. Most umbrellas have nine aluminum rods, but this one has a dozen. It’s windproof, has a teflon coating, and a slip-proof handle. There’s even a reflective stripe around the perimeter for better visibility at night. This umbrella is 14 inches long, so it can still fit in your suitcase, and the canopy has an impressive 54-inch diameter. 

Dlin Travel Umbrella with Case

For a cute and compact travel umbrella, this one is another ideal choice and measures just five inches. The flat handle is more comfortable than the typical rounded one and the material has UPF protection. The pint-sized umbrella comes with a hardshell carrying case. The case has a shoulder strap, making this great for travel, an outdoor music festival, or a concert. 

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