Natalia Andrea Larrañaga Fajardo was enjoying a vacation in Colombia when she became the victim of a freak accident.

According to The Miami Herald, the 26-year-old “was struck by a boat propeller when she tried to retrieve her sandals” in the water.

Sadly, it was fatal.

Fajardo was on San Andrés island, “about 445 miles northwest of mainland Colombia, near the coast of Nicaragua.”

How Did She Get In Contact With The Propeller?

While at White Watta beach on San Andrés Island, Fajardo spotted acquaintances on a boat and climbed in.

As explained by The Miami Herald, “Fajardo jumped back into the water to retrieve some sandals when the boat propeller struck her.”

Efforts Were Made To Save Her

Other people on boats “screamed.”

Bleeding heavily, Fajardo was pulled onto a jet-ski and rushed to a nearby hospital.

The blood gushed from her lower back and legs.

In spite of the efforts of medical staff to save her, Fajardo went into cardiac arrest.

She succumbed to her injuries on November 28.


Investigations Are Pending

The Miami Herald wrote, “an investigation into the incident is underway, The Archipelago Press reported citing a news release from Maritime General Directorate through the Captaincy of Port of San Andrés Islands.”

Fajardo was born in Cali “about 350 miles southwest of Bogotá, Colombia.”

San Andrés island is close to Nicaragua’s coast and is “about 445 miles northwest of mainland Colombia.”