This Chinese Man Is Now A Chief In Ghana
Photo Credit: SEYLLOU/AFP via Getty Images

Photo Credit: SEYLLOU/AFP via Getty Images

This Chinese Man Is Now A Chief In Ghana

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DeAnna Taylor
DeAnna Taylor Sep 9, 2020

We’ve seen the headlines over the years, on the “business” ties between several African nations and China. It seems that a town in the Eastern region of Ghana is so grateful, they’ve decided to make a Chinese man a chief.

Sun Qiang was recently enstooled as Nkosuohene, or a development chief in the town of Kwahu-Abetifi. The title is granted to people, sometimes foreigners, who are non-royals engaged in development.

A ceremony was held and Qiang was even given a traditional name to commemorate his title. He was given the name Barima Kofi Ayeboafo. The name Ayeboafo which means “one who has done something to benefit others”.

The designation didn’t come without backlash though. Many in the town and around the country were upset over the Chinese man being given such a high honor. While he isn’t the first foreigner to be “crowned” Nkosuohene, many are skeptical because of the claims of the Chinese attempting to slowly take over the continent of Africa.

Over the years, the Chinese have been known to extend large “loans” to African cities under the guise of helping them with economic development. Sadly, the terms of the loans are often egregious and in exchange for payment the cities are often forced to grant the Chinese lender some type of stake in the country.

The Chinese have long argued that they are only trying to be a friend, but many feel the “help” is extended under malicious terms.

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