One Las Vegas company is incorporating AI and ChatGPT into the private jet sector. Jet.AI, previously known as Jet Token, will launch a new app named CharterGPT. As Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, this application employs AI technology to assist users in chartering private jets.

The app considers various factors, such as cost and aircraft size. Michael Winston, the founder and executive chairman of the company, asserts that AI is a transformative force for the entire aviation industry. Jet.AI stands out as one of the pioneering firms to introduce AI to the consumer-oriented commercial aspects of aviation.

“It’s truly remarkable how powerful AI is,” Winston said in an interview with Las Vegas Review-Journal.

He explained that the CharterGPT app leverages the foundational AI technology of ChatGPT and supplements it with a distinctive proprietary layer, offering exclusive insights into charter flights and airports.

Comparing it to ChatGPT

Similar to ChatGPT, the software could present different options from various private jet operators. In addition to its own fleet of four planes, Jet.AI collaborates with Cirrus Aviation, a Las Vegas-based company with approximately 30 planes. Jet.AI developed over a span of nine months. The company is utilizing logistical data obtained from its charter operations. The company also provides aviation software services for businesses.

Traditionally, arranging a private jet charter involves customers communicating their travel preferences to a private jet operator. The operator then uses their fleet of aircraft or an aviation broker to fulfill these requirements.

Winston estimates that booking a private aircraft through a broker takes over four hours. This is mainly due to the fact that a majority of private jet businesses in the United States possess fewer than 10 planes. Many of these businesses rely on a central database, but often struggle to meet information requests within deadlines.