Afrobeats and Amapiano music continues to drive the charts across continents all over the world. It’s safe to say the genres have earned their way into mainstream music and are definitely here to stay. One man highlighting artists and influencers from the continent of Africa is CEO of Sovereign Brands, Brett Berish. His lifestyle interview series “Self Made Tastes Better” is in its fifth year. The “Self Made” series has featured guests like Post Malone, Rick Ross, Karen Civil, and many more. 

Who Is Brett Berish?

Berish is most known for introducing Ace of Spades, D’Usse’, and now Sovereign’s Luc Belaire. With distribution in over 100 countries, he’s widely known as one of the most successful wine and spirits entrepreneurs. Along with expanding reach and marketing his products in new destinations across the globe, he’s a marketing genius with a knack for keeping his finger on the pulse of “what’s next” in culture.

Brett Berish & Nosa Rex – Photo Credit: Sovereign Brands
Brett Berish & Yeme Alade – Photo Credit: Sovereign Brands

The “Self Made Tastes Better” interview series tells the stories of celebrities, artists, athletes, and leaders in their respective fields that “made it” on their own independent terms. Berish’s unique conversational style of interviews opens up his guests by genuinely showing a deep appreciation of their craft and finding out the root of what makes each individual successful. For many new African artists, it’s their first time being featured on an American platform.

Brett Berish & Anita Okoye – Photo Credit: Sovereign Brands

Self Made

Some of the more notable African guests include Homisa Mobetta and Rosa Ree of Tanzania, Blanche Bailly and Daphne Njie of Cameroon, and Ghana’s Stonebwoy, as well as Khanyi Mbau of the Netflix series “Young, Famous, & African.”

Guests open up about the hardships they’ve faced during their personal journeys as they rise to fame and success, providing insight into the lives of aspiring leaders in entertainment, finance, and marketing. You can catch up on “Self Made” episodes on Berish’s YouTube channel.

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