If you’ve ever found yourself waiting hours to enter Mexico, some new rules may change that wait time from hours to minutes. Cancun International Airport is now a part of a pilot program designed to eliminate the use of paper FMMs for tourists entering Mexico. 

For years, travelers had to fill out paper Multiple Migratory Format (FMM) paperwork by hand and wait in line before entering the country. With the new system, a process that took hours has now been reduced to less than 20 minutes.  TN gathered all the details so you’ll know what to expect on your next voyage to Cancun.

What’s Changing

Paper FMMs
Photo Courtesy of Ñitin Řana.

Remember going through the Cancun airport and having to fill out the paper FMM? Then having to wait in line to submit the documentation? Well, paper FMMs may soon be a thing of the past in some Mexican cities. 

Under the new pilot program, Cancun International Airport will forgo the use of paper FMMs entirely. Instead, travelers will receive a 180-day passport stamp to enter the country. The pilot kicked off on August 19 and five airports are participating in the program to gauge its success. 

“Now, instead of the FMM, they (INM) are just going to stamp them,” said Sergio González Rubiera, president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies (AMAV).

He also told the Mexico Daily post that “normal tourists who come on vacation will not have to fill out the FMM, neither printed nor electronic, and everyone will be granted a permit to stay for 180 days.”

The new pilot process will keep travelers moving efficiently and quickly through the airport. If the results are successful, this could set a new precedent for Mexican airport custom experiences for travelers visiting from around the world.

Here’s The Requirements

Paper FMMs
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There are still requirements travelers need to meet in order to visit Cancun despite the new pilot. All travelers must still have a valid and current passport or a passport card to enter the country. Passport cards can only be used for land border crossing and are not permitted for international air travel into the country. 

As long as you have your passport, you will no longer have to fill out the paper FMM to enter Cancun. Your passport stamp will 180 days of travel throughout Mexico. However, there are a few exceptions to the new pilot that you want to keep in mind if you plan on visiting Cancun in the near future.

There Are Exceptions To The New Rule

Paper FMMs
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There are a few things to keep in mind if you’re traveling to Cancun under the new pilot. Travelers visiting from Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Brazil will not be issued 180-day stays. Those arriving under student and work visas will also have to continue filing out electronic FMMs before entering the country. Other Mexican airports joining Cancun International in this pilot program include AIFA of Santa Lucia, Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, and San José del Cabo.