Located in the south of France, Camp Chateau in Béduer is gaining lots of buzz for the chic, effortless, and community-building space it provides for women.

The stunning all-inclusive summer camp has over 225,000 Instagram followers and millions of likes across its posts. The hotspot Camp Chat boasts a more modest following on TikTok, but the clear excitement about its offerings is still present. In the comments of a video describing the camp’s experience as “joyful,” one person asked, “Is the heaven?”

Meanwhile, others said, “This makes me feel so happy,” and “2026! This will be a part of my Eat, Pray, Love adventure.”


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What Is Camp Chateau?

With their all-inclusive stay, adult female visitors get three meals daily and optional wine with lunch and dinner. They can stay in a Château Bunk or glamping tent on the 20-acre property, which has all the amenities of a nice boutique Bed and Breakfast. Women can participate in up to six on-site “electives” per day and/or up to three off-site activities. Moreover, the camp also offers complimentary transportation to and from the nearest train station.

The nearest town, Figeac, is less than six miles away. It has shops, cafés, bars, restaurants, and even a water park. Examples of the activities offered are “Intro to French,” meditation, horseback riding, jam making, yoga, relaxing poolside, and visiting the local farmers market.

Despite everything available to visitors, Camp Chateau’s ethos revolves around being a place where women don’t have to do anything besides simply enjoy themselves.

“We try to make it so that there’s nothing stressful happening at any time,” co-founder and CEO Philippa Girling told Thrillist. “You can just opt in or opt out. That will be your choice.”

“We just allow it to be completely organic, and it really happens very naturally that people find each other and become friendly,” she continued. “We have a lot of campers from last year who now meet on a regular basis.” 

Who’s Selected To Attend? How Much Does It Cost And How Long Does It Run?

The camp welcomes all femmes. In 2024, it’s hosting 50 adult women every “session.” Notably, Thrillist shared that the chateau will run 12 six-day sessions this year.

Tickets are $2,250 per person — and all of the stays for 2025 are already booked.

“We’ve had a couple of cancellations for the end of the summer this year,” Girling shared. “So we cancel it, we post it, and it’s gone in five minutes. There must be people lurking with their refresh button.”