Greece has blossomed over the last few decades as a major tourism and travel destination. Many travelers and travel agents typically choose to book stays on the islands of Mykonos and Santorini. However, the Calilo resort on Ios is where the real luxury lies. 

Unlike some of the resorts, Calilo isn’t overrun with tourists. Instead, the 1,000-acre resort carved from the rock provides a tranquil, blissful experience unlike any other. From its luxury accommodation to world-class views, Calilo provides an unforgettable treatment that turns vacation into a fairy tale.

Unforgettable Luxury

Photo credit: @calilo_ios / Instagram

From the moment you arrive, it’s clear Calilo is unlike any other resort. It was designed that way. The name is short for “create a life you can fall in love with.” Remnants of positivity, happiness, and glee are embedded throughout the property’s architectural design. Owners and creators Angelos Michalopoulos and his wife Vassiliki Petridou ensured the main themes of the resort – light, art, and water were on full display.

The accommodations at Calilo are stellar are even big enough for multi-traveler stays. Guests can find privacy in their suites as well as an array of luxury amenities. There are a few different room styles to choose from. Travelers can expect a little bit of everything depending on their suites. They have swing beds overlooking the sea, hilltop pool suites with panoramic views, and wooden walkways taking guests through the water-based property. 

When Michalopoulos and Petridou began developing the land on Ios, they wanted to ensure it wasn’t overrun with hotel properties. The couple told Forbes they wanted to stay true to the natural beauty of the island. Although there are plans to develop more of the surrounding area, only 1 percent is for hotels. 

“Most islands become victims of their own success, which is something we want to avoid with this island with the conservation of the land,” Michalopoulos told Forbes.

A Grecian Adventure By The Sea

Photo credit: @calilo_ios / Instagram

Calilo was created to allow visitors to experience authentic Grecian relaxation. Of course, travelers can always head to nearby islands for parties and cultural excursions. But for luxury tranquility, Calilo tops the charts in Greece. 

With water being a major theme of the resort, the location of Calilo adds to its allure. The five-star resort overlooks the Bay of Papas. Many of its suites open up to magnificent views of the surrounding cerulean sea and guests enjoy direct access to the beach. 

Guests also can tap into the many wellness amenities offered at Calilo. There’s a variety of in-room spa treatments, beachfront yoga classes, and other amenities aimed toward helping guests reach peak relaxation. The resort also focuses on sustainability, growing many of the herbs and produce served in its restaurant on the property. 

The island of Ios may not always be at the top of the list when it comes to destinations to visit in Greece. However, Calilo is the ultimate luxury dream for travelers who want to escape the busy tourist streets and create their own vacation adventure.