One thing about watching new artists bask in their success is witnessing the luxury trips they can finally afford to go on.

Los Angeles native Blueface, who hit the scene heavy with his smash debut “Thotiana” and in November 2018, signed to Cash Money West, is currently living his best life in Dubai. The rapper is in the UAE for the first time ever where he was booked to perform at Base Dubai on Friday, November 22. He will remain in the UAE at least until Sunday, for an appearance at 1OAK in Dubai on November 24.

While enjoying his first trip to Dubai, Blueface stopped by the Dubai Mall wearing an Arabic Thawb (or Thobe), a traditional ankle-length garment, similar to a robe or tunic, worn by Arab men. They’re also referred to as Kandoora, Dishdasha, Khamiis, and Qamiis.

Although it’s not required that Western men wear traditional clothing, it should be noted that wearing sleeveless shirts and shorts in the streets is highly frowned upon. If you’re visiting a mosque, consider traditional clothing or at minimum, shirts that cover the arms and shoulders.

Blueface didn’t waste any time getting acquainted with the customs in Dubai. He also wore a traditional headdress to finish off the look. Of course, it wouldn’t be Blueface if he didn’t rock his iced out jewelry.

When Blueface first posted the video, he initially captioned it “Blueface ahkbar,” which would have translated loosely to Blueface is the greatest. However, the rapper’s Muslim fanbase did not take kindly to the caption, as Allahu Akbar is a common exclamation that translates to “God is (the) greatest.”  After criticism from fans, Blueface made a necessary edit to his caption.

It’s good to see that he took steps to respect the culture.