People travel for many different reasons. Whether for business purposes or a fun getaway, travel offers a plethora of benefits and sometimes unexpected love connections. Although folks may not always discuss it, many millennial and Gen-Z travelers have had secret vacation rendezvouses that made their travel experience even more memorable. 

From one-night stands with dating app matches to pure happenstance of momentary bliss, Black travelers are opening up about out-of-town hookups. A few travelers shared some of their vacation rendezvous that they say they’ll never forget. As a favor to the sources, names have been changed to keep their travel memories sacred. Reader discretion is definitely advised.

My German Fling

 Vacation Rendezvous
Photo credit: David Brown

While traveling out of town, Megan, 32, from Detroit often changes her location on Snapchat and dating apps. She says she enjoys seeing the dating prospects in new destinations, especially when out of the country. Most of the time she just connects with them for entertaining conversation or to hang out in the city, However, when she was in Germany, she was feeling extra spicy.

“People hit me up and, if I feel comfortable, I’ll link with them,” she said. “I was just feeling extra horny in Germany.”

Megan connected with a guy on Snapchat who, after some conversation, met with her in the lobby of her hotel room. She said they hooked up briefly in the hotel’s public restroom for a few moments of oral fixation. When it was over, she told him she had to run up to her room to grab a condom. However, Meg never returned downstairs and instead took a shower and blocked her German fling before heading to bed.

H-Town In The Summertime 

Vacation Rendezvous
Photo credit: Ketut Subiyanto

Lolita, 35, had been traveling down to Texas at least once a year. Back in 2019, she decided to spend a little bit more time in Houston. She got an apartment, a job, and settled in for a while in H-Town. A few months into her extended vacation, Lolita made friends with a local woman, who braided her hair, and her boyfriend. 

Although she’d never been with a woman before. Lolita felt an instant connection with her braider. An undeniable sexual chemistry had been forming between them over time. One night, the braider invited Lolita over for a threesome rendezvous with her boyfriend. The incident was years ago and the only time she’s ever felt sexually attracted to another woman. However, Lolita said that summer night in Houston was one she’ll never forget.

From Nashville, With Love

Vacation Rendezvous
Photo credit: Polina Tankilevitch

Travel nurse Jason, 32, didn’t expect to meet anyone when he went on a weekend trip to Nashville last spring. However, when he stopped in to grab some food from a local pizza spot, he encountered a beautiful young lady the day before flying back home to Atlanta. 

She took him all over the city that day. They strolled down Broadway grabbing drinks, listening to the music, and talking about everything. Jason said he felt like he’d know her forever as they wandered around Nashville. The pair spent the night together in his hotel room and she left in the morning before he headed to the airport.

Once he made it back home, the mysterious Tennessee beauty stopped replying to his calls and texts. However, he still believes that moment of happenstance was exactly what he needed while visiting Music City.