What started as a WhatsApp group between Black expats living in Bali, after meeting at a party, has turned into the go-to resource for Black travelers and expats to the “Island of the Gods.”

Antoine Clinton, Dharma Martin, and Jana Williams founded Black In Bali (BIB) after identifying a need for a safe space for Black travelers, as more people of color traveled to Bali.

“The BIB moniker has transformed into a diverse group of melanated people from around the world gathered to make an economic, social, and cultural impact here in Bali,” the co-founders told Travel Noire. “We make an effort to not only share our experiences as a people, but to also integrate the local people, traditions, and cultures within our daily lives.”

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The co-founders shared with us, the importance of having a community exclusively for Black expats and their vision.

Travel Noire: Why do you feel it is important to have a group like Black in Bali?

BIB Co-Founders: The thought of being an expat seems to bring about polarizing feelings, but no matter where you fall on that spectrum, having a community and a group of individuals to “plug” into is crucial to a successful transition and acclimation into a new environment.

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One underestimates the comfort of familiarity until one is isolated. That’s why BIB is so important. We provide a framework for people to enjoy the process while tapping into resources that connects you to your core community and the native community.

Photo courtesy of Black In Bali

Travel Noire: What kind of activities and events do you participate in or host for the BIB community?

BIB Co-Founders: We host and participate in events that promote our mission of “community wellness” with broad-ranging interests from social gatherings to community service.

From monthly Sunday brunches, professional business seminars to health and wellness events such as group yoga and Qi Gong, and more. We want to ensure that every community member remains engaged in activities they like and activities they may have never experienced or thought about.

Travel Noire: What is you vision for Black in Bali?

BIB Co-Founders: We envision BIB becoming an example and beacon of what real “community wellness” looks like for people of color looking to change their current situation.

We strive to become a resource ally in promoting health and wellness initiatives for all travelers looking to enjoy and potentially settle in this island paradise.  Although inclusive, our actions and goals specifically target our brothers and sisters here and abroad. We want to let them know they are not alone, and they can make a move in confidence and have a support system ready and waiting in Bali.

Community is based on structure and members contributing to the growth of that structure. The BIB community is of no exception. From initiating community committees ranging from education, women’s empowerment, community service, content creation, and more— it’s important that the members of a community feel as though their voices are heard.

Our members are family, and we don’t take that lightly. We welcome our brothers and sisters to Bali with open arms and are excited about your arrival.

You can find out more information about Black in Bali through its website or follow them on Instagram.