Black Hair Inspiration For Summer Travel
Photo Credit: Rob Culpepper | Getty Images

Photo Credit: Rob Culpepper | Getty Images

Black Hair Inspiration For Summer Travel

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin May 31, 2019

Summer is here which hopefully means longs days in the sunshine and weekends sunbathing on the beach. It’s also the perfect time to change it up with a protective style that will help to limit the amount of environmental stress on your natural hair. 

Here are a few styles to provide you with some natural summer hair inspirations that are as low-maintenance as they are fabulous.

Jumbo box braids are often a lower cost and lower time commitment option that look fierce from every angle.

If you’ve ever had box braids down your back, you can appreciate this super cute bob style that reduces the weight and sometimes annoyances often found with longer styles.

Focus on the details with this versatile, protective style that takes less time than braids.

Classic box braids are always in style and just the look for island hopping or basking on any tropical coastline.

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Stun with a fuller hairstyle that mimics a natural hair texture. A touch of golden highlights make your ‘do look perfectly sun-kissed.

Have a little fun with some playfulness and color! Beads and color are the perfect accessories for those who like to make a statement when entering any room… or beach.

Whether you’ve spent years growing out your locs or opted for the temporary version, this very low-maintenance, protective style is a versatile option that can be worn in many different styles.

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Cornrows don’t typically last as long as box braids, but they still provide a stunningly bold look that will certainly last you through that summer getaway.

Cornrows are also the perfect style for those who want to spend way less time fussing with their hair, and more time focusing on their next summer adventure.

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