When they asked where you wanted to be in 10 years, your response was: everywhere. So, your passport is a necessity. Travel isn’t just something you enjoy, it’s your soul’s calling. You’re always daydreaming about that next trip, have a penchant for finding local gems, and your camera roll is filled with the best memories from your adventures—we see you! 

And as a savvy traveler, you know the importance of protecting your belongings. Screen protector and case for your phone? Check. Durable suitcase able to withstand unpredictable weather? Check. But what about the one item that gives you your all-access pass to see the world: your passport. 

If you’re guilty of letting your passport float around with the other contents of your bag or cramming it in your pocket so much it’s starting to show its wear, you’ll definitely want to consider these passport holders during Amazon’s Black Friday deals for every kind of traveler.

1. Designer Passport Holder for the Trendy Traveler

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A lover of glitz and glamor, you’re the statement maker that believes the best drinks are served on a rooftop with a view. And, you always leave room in your itinerary for spontaneous experiences, like getting lost and winding up at a movie premiere afterparty . . . in Rome.

This Michael Kors designer passport holder is tasteful and sophisticated, just like you. Not only does it keep your passport safely protected from the elements, it coordinates with your entire aesthetic. Inside, your passport is neatly tucked away, and it doubles as a wallet with six card holders, an ID window.

2. Organized Passport Holder for Families

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Truly, where would your family be without you? Your bag is always filled with snacks, hand sanitizer and extra phone chargers. You’re hands down the planner of the group, leading your loved ones into the most enriching experiences and coordinating the logistics in the group chat with your girls. 

When you’re responsible for every detail, staying organized is key, making this leather wallet and multi-passport holder an obvious addition to your essentials. It holds up to four passports, so you can keep all your family’s travel documents in one place. It also features split grain leather with accent stitching and a zip enclosure to keep everything secure.


3. Passport Holder for Digital Nomads 

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You’ve mastered the art of working from anywhere, and as a result, treated yourself to seeing the world. Some days, your office is a beachfront cafe while others it’s a cozy cabin with a roaring fireplace. You prefer experiences over material items always and as such, you live minimalistically, able to carry your belongings on your back.

A classic anti-theft classic bag is perfect for your minimalistic lifestyle, because not only does it hold your passport, but has RFID-blocking pockets for your ID and credit cards as well as additional storage for items like an ipad, your phone and loose change.You’ll also love the tethered key clip with LED light in the main compartment!

4. Unique Passport Wallet for Creatives

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If there were a few words to describe you, it’d be thoughtful, kind and curious. You explore the world to immerse yourself in experiences, and truly feel like a local. You avoid the packed touristy spots like the plague and opt for more intimate, hole-in-the-wall spots.

You value your time alone, but cherish deep conversation over long meals. Your creative, intuitive self would appreciate the Moleskine passport wallet, not only because it reminds you of the journals you use to jot down your thoughts, but because it’s so versatile. You’ll appreciate an additional seven slots for credit cards, two flat pockets, a cash pocket and zip pockets.

5. Durable Passport Holder for Adventurers 

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You live for the thrill. Every adventure is an opportunity for adrenaline, whether it’s scaling the Alps, cruising down the Serengeti or zip lining in Costa Rica. When you do take a pause, it’s to appreciate the moment and culture you intentionally surround yourself with.

It’s not theft you need to worry about when it comes to your belongings while you travel, it’s contact with the sun, surf, snow and wilderness. The Bone passport holder is extremely durable, made with silicon and leather to withstand much of the threats from the outside world. You can also fit up to three passports and it comes with a quick release buckle and an adjustable lanyard strap.


6. Vegan-Friendly Passport 

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You put the environment first when you travel, and are mindful about your carbon footprint every step of the way. It doesn’t deter you from incredible experiences, in fact, you could argue that your sustainable lifestyle has opened your world. This Lilly Pulitzer vegan leather passport holder is the perfect companion for your adventures because of its sustainable materials and design that reflects your individual personality. Enjoy a three year warranty with a slim, chic design that slips into your pocket or purse.






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