These Are The Biggest (And Busiest) Airports in the World
Photo Credit: Photo credit: COROIMAGE

Photo Credit: Photo credit: COROIMAGE

These Are The Biggest (And Busiest) Airports in the World

Jasmine Osby
Jasmine Osby May 16, 2023

The summer travel season is approaching fast and travelers may be wondering what the best airports to fly in and out from are. Well, the bigger the airport, the busier it’ll be this summer; leaving many weighing their options. 

To accommodate more travelers, some airports are much bigger than others. These giant, international travel hubs are gearing up for massive amounts of travelers as summer approaches. 

So which airports are the biggest in the world? Here are a few gigantic airports that stay busy all year round getting travelers where they need to be.

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1. Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport – Guangzhou, China

China is home to a few of the world’s biggest airports but the largest in the country is Guangzhou Baiyun. The airport served over 43 million passengers in 2021, more than any other airport in the world according to the World Population Review. Guangzhou overtook Atlanta for the biggest airport in the world last year after Hartfield-Jackson held the number one spot for 20 consecutive years.

Guangzhou is the largest port of entry into Southern China so it’s no surprise this airport giant boasts the most travelers and the largest size. It was built in the 1930s and covers approximately 18 square kilometers.

2. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport – Atlanta

Located in one of the biggest travel and business hotspots in America, Hartfield-Jackson typically is considered one of the biggest airport in the world. Although it’s not number one, ATL still reigns as an airport among airports with it comes to its size. 

According to World Population Review, Hartsfield-Jackson served over 42 million people last year. With its train transport, elaborate design, and vibrant terminals, Atlanta continues to be a favorite, and one of the biggest, travel hubs with flights getting passengers where they need to be.

3. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport – Dallas

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Dallas Forth Worth is one of the faves and biggest airports in the world. The airport serviced 33 million passengers in 2021 making it the 4th biggest airport. Folks love the airport’s Skylink, whisking them to their terminals quickly and efficiently. The airport also has a yoga studio, on-site therapy dogs, and a gaming room for passengers waiting to board their flights. DFW covers over 17 thousand acres and is larger than the states of Connecticut, Delaware, and Rhode Island combined. 

4. Denver International Airport – Denver

The World Population Review ranked Denver International Airport as the 8th biggest airport in the world. The airport served over 33 million passengers in 2021. This year, the airport has aided 69 million travelers to reach their destination, according to the airport. 

According to Simply Flying, Denver International Airport is the biggest airport by land mass in the United States covering 52.4 square miles. One of the more artistically decorated airports in the country with outdoor seating for travelers who need some fresh air, Denver International remains one of the biggest airports in the world.

5. Suvarnabhumi Airport – Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is spread out over 8,000 acres and is one of the largest airports in Southeast Asia, according to Airport Suppliers. The airport opened in 2006 and 95 airlines fly in and out of the hub. Named after the Sanskrit word for “land of gold,” Suvarnabhumi is also the biggest and most important airport in Thailand. The airport can handle over 45 million visitors each year, according to IndiGo, has two runways, and a Sky Lane where passengers can enjoy cycling fun while waiting to take off.  It handles 3 million tons of cargo a year and an underground rail system that gets passengers to their terminals. 

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