The Best Ways To Experience St. Lucia’s Pitons — By Land And By Sea
Photo Credit: Daniel Hjalmarsson | Unsplash

Photo Credit: Daniel Hjalmarsson | Unsplash

The Best Ways To Experience St. Lucia’s Pitons — By Land And By Sea

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Leah Freeman-Haskin
Leah Freeman-Haskin Mar 15, 2019

Rising from the Caribbean Sea on the Western coast of St. Lucia, two volcanic mountains are visible from every part of the island and have become an iconic landmark. According to, The Pitons were created less than a million years ago by volcanic activity. Amerindians considered the mountains to have mystical powers and early European explorers noted their unique and splendid beauty. In 2004, the Pitons were awarded World Heritage Site status. The majestic Pitons are also said to be the most photographed site in the Caribbean —  making them a must-see on your next trip to the island.

The Pitons can easily be enjoyed from afar. However, there are also many ways to experience these landmarks, including a strenuous climb and an aerial view.


Standing at an impressive 2,619 feet above sea level, it is not recommended to hike Gros Piton without an experienced guide. From the summit, you can see the crystal waters of the Caribbean as well as most of the island. Although it is possible to hike both Gros Piton and Petit Piton, only the former is legally sanctioned by the government of St. Lucia. Head to the town of Fond Gens Libre to find an experienced guide to take you on your hike and enjoy the fantastic views!

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Experiencing the Pitons from the air is also a remarkable experience. There are many helicopter tours in St. Lucia including St. Lucia Reps and St. Lucia Helicopters that will take you on a 10 – 30-minute tour of the island, passing by most of it’s most scenic views. 

Water Taxi

It is said that a water taxi is the best way to experience the enormity of the Pitons. With a private water tour, you will be able to enjoy the pristine waters of the Caribbean and the stunning coast of St. Lucia. Spencer Ambrose Tours offers a range of water tours off the Western coast providing great views of the Pitons and information about the rich history of St. Lucia and its people.

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