The Best Travel Backpacks For Women
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Ketut Subiyanto

The Best Travel Backpacks For Women

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Apr 19, 2023

As we age, it’s important to prioritize comfort when traveling. Instead of opting for a shoulder or tote bag as a carry-on, choose a backpack that’s more supportive of your back. This will save you from issues in the long run.

There is a science to finding the best travel backpacks for women. Women’s frames tend to be smaller than men, so finding a backpack that is lightweight and sized correctly is ideal. 

When choosing a backpack, you should research the size and capacity of the bag. Make sure it will have enough space for your travel essentials without being too bulky and heavy. You also want to find a bag with adjustable straps and a padded back panel. This will be great for evenly distributing the weight of the backpack to prevent back pain. Look for a backpack with a contoured shape that fits with the curve of your back for comfort. 

High-quality materials are incredibly important when making your selection. You want a stylish and chic backpack but prioritizing durability is important too. Nothing is worse than a backpack falling apart at the seams or a zipper breaking after using it a few times. Look for backpacks made from nylon or polyester — these two materials are durable and lightweight. Also, look for bags with reinforced zippers and seams, which will prevent the backpack from tearing over time. 

Other features are dependent on your personal preference. If you are a nomadic worker and staying connected at all times is important to you, look for a bag with a built-in USB charger. Outdoorsy women should look for bags with tons of storage space for snack necessities and a water bottle to stay hydrated. 

If you need help finding a backpack, these TN Approved travel backpacks for women are our top picks. 

Coowoz Large Travel Backpack

This travel backpack is perfect as a carry-on when traveling by air or hiking on an outdoor adventure. Made with waterproof, durable polyester and two padded shoulder straps, the backpack is comfortable, made to last, and great when carrying for a long time.

There’s a wet bag so you can separate wet and dry items. Perfect for a day swimming at the beach, you can store your towel and bathing suit in the bag while keeping other items in your bag dry. 

Nomadic workers will love this backpack’s laptop compartment and built-in USB charging port so you can stay connected while on the go. 

Taygeer Travel Backpack

This Amazon’s Choice backpack is roomy, flight-approved, and perfect for travelers on the go. The backpack has a built-in USB charger on the outside and a built-in charging cable inside. It’s great for charging your phone while exploring a new city on foot.

With three large main compartments, you can organize your items so that everything is easy to find while on the go. 

You won’t have to worry about this backpack taking up too much room on flights because it’s made to fit effortlessly in the overhead compartment and under the seat. The padded adjustable shoulder straps give extra comfort for long wear. 

Osprey Aphelia Women’s Laptop Backpack

Designed specifically to fit a woman’s body, this backpack is durable, comfortable, and has a great design. There are discrete side pockets to store your water bottles and a loop for a Blinky light attachment when traveling at night. Keep your documents organized and safe with the document sleeve and organization pockets. 

The padded laptop sleeve and zippered tablet sleeve ensure that your machines stay safe and secure while on the go. This laptop backpack is great when traveling through multiple cities at once or going on a hike with friends. 

Kroser Laptop Backpack

Kroser Laptop Backpack
Photo Credit: Amazon

There’s a reason why this travel laptop backpack is an Amazon’s Choice item. The super stylish bag allows you to stay chic while on the go without sacrificing functionality.

With a built-in USB port, this bag makes it super convenient to charge your phone while exploring and learning about your destination city. There is lots of space for your laptop, tablet, and other items. The compartments make storing documents, credit cards, and keys easier.

The bag is kept in great shape with its steel frame. Beautiful leather handles and pullers give the bag a stylish look. No matter how overwhelmed you may feel when traveling, you’ll always look pulled together and like a travel pro with this travel laptop backpack. 

Light Flight Travel Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

This sleek book bag is great for traveling while working. There’s a separate laptop compartment and a large main compartment to store your belongings.

The front zippered pockets are great for storing smaller items like pens, a notepad, or lip balm. A hidden pocket for your phone and other valuable items is on the backside. The side pockets are perfect for storing an umbrella or water bottle. 

Charging your phone is easy with this backpack. There is a side pocket that you can plug your phone into so that you’re always connected. The mesh padded shoulder straps are comfortable and add support as you move throughout your destination.

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