Using portable digital luggage scales to measure the exact weight of your bags before embarking on a trip will save travelers stress and money. With this small item, every traveler can ensure that their luggages are under the weight limit and avoid any extra fees at the gate.

There are so many different luggage scales on the market and picking the right one can seem like a difficult task. Before buying one, it is important to think about your individual needs. You may want to research how much weight it can hold, how accurate it is, how long it will last and how easy it is to use. Another thing you may want to research is if it uses batteries and what type it takes.

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Luggage scales are lightweight, and they can easily be packed for any trip. Portable luggage scales are so helpful that many seasoned travelers consider them a must-have accessory for every journey. Whether it is a quick weekend trip or a multi-month adventure across the globe, this travel item is sure to relieve some of the stress associated with planning a vacation. Travel Noire put together a list of some of the best digital luggage scales to help travelers make decisions.

Digital Hanging Luggage Scales

This travel luggage scale has a thick, high-precision aluminum sensor, which helps to ensure accuracy with each usage. For this suitcase scale, three alkaline batteries are needed. The device turns off after one minute of not being used to preserve the battery life. This feature ensures that the batteries will not have to be changed often and it won’t stop working when you need it most.

This electronic scale has a rubber-coated, 3.5-inch handle, which makes it easy to hold. It also has a backlit LCD display and a “hold” button that lets you read the numbers after you put down your heavy bag. The hook on the luggage scale can hang from the ceiling and is big enough to fit almost any handle.

Samsonite Electronic Luggage Scales

The small, portable luggage scale can measure up to 80 pounds.

With a handle that is easy to hold and an adjustable strap, weighing luggages is simple and comfortable. It is easy to pack and bring along on trips because it is small and light.

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Travelon Micro Scale

The Travelon Micro Scale is modest in size and weight. Therefore, this scale is swift in movement. The scale weighs approximately 110 pounds.

When the weight is properly positioned, a red light will turn on. There is a switch on-and-off button; however, there is an integrated 60-second power cutoff. The scale runs on two batteries, which is included with every purchase.

Escali Vello Digital Luggage Scale

This comfortable handle makes lifting heavy luggage easier.

After placing your luggage on the scale, the weight measurements stay on the screen. If the luggage is too heavy, there will be an onscreen warning. That warning helps to prevent damage to the scale. To save battery life, the Escali Vello digital luggage scale turns off after 20 seconds of inactivity.

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