Have you ever experienced discomfort while flying? If so, airplane foot rests should be a must-have addition to all of your travel experiences.

Foot rests are a great way to make long and uncomfortable trips more relaxing. They provide a comfortable place for a travelers feet to rest, and help to prevent the swelling and fatigue that can occur from sitting for extended periods. Foot rests can also improve posture, reduce lower back pain and improve blood circulation. Many people who fly frequently recommend them and think of them as an essential item for traveling. This travel accessory is not bulky, which makes it perfect for storing in your carry-on luggage.

There are so many options on the market for airplane foot rests. Some of them allow the user to adjust the height, which allows the opportunity to get the exact level of support required to achieve optimal comfort. Travel Noire has compiled a list of the top footrests to help make your next trip more relaxing and enjoyable.

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Everlasting Comfort Airplane Foot Rests

The reinforced ribs allow the foot rest to maintain its shape. It only requires a few simple steps when setting up and comes with an installation video.

The company provided a handy travel bag to carry and organize your airplane foot rest. It also includes space for other necessities for your flight. If you don’t want to have an extra bag to carry, the foot rest is small enough to be stored in either a carry-on suitcase or backpack.

Airplane Foot Rests with Thickened Memory Foam

As the brand promised, this wide, flat foot hammock prevents your ankles and feet from colliding. Its high-quality fabric and memory foam will improve the uncomfortable travel experience every time.

This travel footrest’s straps are adjustable, which ensures it will fit any height and help the user obtain maximum comfort. This airplane footrest works whether the tray table is up or down, and the set up is simple. All the passenger has to do to set up this airplane footrest is hang the arm straps over the tray table.

The pocket-sized airplane foot rest is great for travel, especially if you have too much stuff and no space to add more. This foot rest can hang on your suitcase or be thrown into a backpack without adding any weight.

JALIELL 2-in-1 Adjustable Foot Hammock

For comfortable airplane travel, this 2-in-1 foot hammock can be switched between a one-piece or a two-piece travel accessory. It allows its user to create two separate foot rests to avoid feet collisions.

This product is both soft and hard, which helps it to relieve leg pressure. This lightweight travel foot rest fits in your carry-on, and its adjustable. It has a simple installation and is an great accessory for all.

Airplane Foot Hammock

This product package includes four hammocks and four sets of orange earplugs. It is perfect for sharing with the entire family for traveling.

The user can move this adjustable foot rest has an extra-long strap that can be moved from 17.7 inches to 35 inches. This lets you adjust to different heights and put your feet on the hammock to change how you’re sitting.

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