As the popular saying goes, ‘You only live once.’ It’s the reason many people try to enjoy as many enriching experiences as possible. Whether it’s traveling to a new country, eating at a specific restaurant, or climbing the highest peak— bucket lists exist to help us keep track of our greatest aspirations.

And like everything else in the modern era, there’s an app for that. Travel Noire has highlighted applications that help organize your goals and even discover new possibilities. The beauty of these is that they can also be used to make everyday plans.

If the bulk of your bucket list plans include international travel then this app has you covered. The Travel Mapper includes a travel scratch map to check off the countries visited and a pin map to highlight those areas still to be discovered. A visa checker allows users to quickly view the requirements for entry into their next destination.

Download: Travel Mapper (Android, Free, in-app purchases available)

This app follows a phased plan to actualize your goals: Discover, Dream, Plan, Visualize, Get Motivated, and Achieve. Each category provides you with the tools you need to fulfill your bucket list wishes. There are over 1200 ideas to inspire you in areas like wellness, sports, and adventure. Add your goal, create a list of actionable items to get it accomplished, and receive reminders to keep yourself on track. The app can also be used for other life milestones outside of travel.

Download: iWish (iOS, Free)

Soon allows you to plan for just about anything you desire to try. Arrange your to-do lists according to category and Soon automatically fills in the details. When you’re done, check it off and continue to discover new potential experiences. Users can also compile their wishlist for any destination into one convenient map to guide the trip.

Download: Soon (iOS, Android, Free)

Yes, the Travel Noire community has an app. You can get ideas for things to do on your next trip, chat with other travelers about their experiences in different places, and even learn how to make money while traveling the world. Did we mention it’s Black-owned?

Download: Travel Noire (iOS, Android)

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