Need To Travel For A Funeral? These Airlines Have Options For Bereavement Travel
Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez/Stringer

Photo Credit: Photo Credit: Orlando Ramirez/Stringer

Need To Travel For A Funeral? These Airlines Have Options For Bereavement Travel

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Spencer Jones
Spencer Jones May 8, 2023

Losing a family member or romantic partner is upsetting enough. Fortunately, if you have to fly, there are five carriers that offer options for bereavement travel. This can help make a challenging time a bit more bearable.

You’ll notice that most of these carriers require passengers to call the customer service number, rather than book a flight online. Currently, there are no bereavement travel options for deceased friends, neighbors, co-workers, or anybody who isn’t an immediate family member or spouse/domestic partner.

If you need to travel for a funeral or memorial, consider the following airlines.

Alaska Airlines

If you want to secure a bereavement fare with Alaska Airlines, call their customer service and reservations line at 1-800-252-7522. If you try to book a flight through the website, the discounted rate won’t apply.

US News explains, “If you have already begun your travel, you will not be eligible for a bereavement flight.”

The discount offered by Alaska Airlines only applies to those who have lost an immediate family member. This includes a domestic partner/spouse, parent, child, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, uncle, aunt, nephew, or niece.

The discounted rate doesn’t apply to deceased friends or extended family members like in-law relatives or cousins.

Air Canada

If you’re planning to fly with Air Canada, their reservations/customer support line is 1-888-247-2262. Reach out to them this way to learn your bereavement travel options.

A representative will ask you to answer a few questions. They include the name of the deceased, the hospital, hospice, or nursing home where they died, and what your relationship is to the deceased. The representative might also ask you for the date of the funeral and where it will be held.

Air Canada may request proof of death. A death certificate is the best example, but a statement from the funeral director or the coroner on an official letterhead may also suffice.

Delta Airlines

You’ll have to call Delta to see if you qualify for a bereavement fare. This carrier is strict about when you travel in relation to a person’s death. You have to fly within a week of the death or imminent death of an immediate family member.

Delta’s number for domestic bereavement travel is 1-800-221-1212. The number for overseas bereavement travel is 1-800-241-4141.

Delta only extends bereavement fares to customers who are SkyMiles members. You can become one before you call the reservation number. Be prepared to provide the name of the deceased, your relationship to them, the number/name of the funeral home, hospice, or hospital, and, if applicable, the name of their physician.

Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines has restrictive options where bereavement travel is concerned. You have to be traveling within the Hawaiian islands.

Those who need to travel outside of those islands might be able to have their ticket fees discounted if they call the reservations line and book tickets within 48 hours of a family member’s death.

In addition to immediate blood family, in-laws, adopted children, and step-family members are recognized by Hawaiian Airlines as immediate family.

US News notes, “Hawaiian Airlines offers a bereavement waiver request should you need to change or cancel an existing booking.”

As with the other carriers, you’ll need to provide official documentation proving that a family member or spouse has died.


Founded in 1996, WestJet has bereavement options, too. However, US News writes, “Bereavement fares apply to WestJet’s Econo, Econoflex, and Premium fares.”

Call the customer service and reservations line, which is 1-888-937-8538. Keep your phone close to you in the event a WestJet representative calls you to ask for additional details.

This carrier offers civic funeral fares. This is for those who need to travel for the funeral of a police officer, firefighter, someone who served in the armed forces, or somebody in the emergency services industry.

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