Avoid Doing These 15 Things When Staying At All-Inclusive Resorts
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Avoid Doing These 15 Things When Staying At All-Inclusive Resorts

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Kelsey Marie
Kelsey Marie Dec 20, 2019

Spending your time at an all-inclusive resort while vacationing is a stress-free approach to travel. It’s great when you’re traveling with family or a group of friends because it gives you the change to relax, eat and drink without constantly pulling out your wallet or having to find things to do. 

Although staying at all-inclusive resorts is convenient, there are things you should avoid doing during your stay to stay healthy and safe while on vacation.

Here are 15 things you should avoid doing while at an all-inclusive resort.

Don’t Venture Out Of The Resort Alone

Prior to booking your stay, it’s vital to know what’s going in the area outside of the resort. For example, USnews.com ranks Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic as one of the safest vacation spots in the Caribbean but travelers, especially women, have to be vigilant when venturing outside of the resort. 

It’s best to travel outside of resorts with a group of people or a local that knows the area. 

Avoid Eating The Soup

The beauty of all-inclusive resorts is that there are buffets where you can choose whatever foods you want. However, it’s suggested to not eat the soup.

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“While soup is usually not problematic, some kitchens will reuse leftover meats and vegetables; yesterday’s beef medallions or chicken breast could become the soup du for,” states Food Network

You’re also not aware of how long the leftovers put in the soup have been sitting out, so it’s best to just avoid soup altogether. 

Don’t Do The Same Activities Everyday

Sure lounging by the pool is relaxing and wonderful but there are so many great activities offered by resorts. 

Try something new like a yoga class on the beach or a water sport. Whatever activity you choose, make sure it’s fun and something new. After all, we only live once. 

Don’t Drink The Complimentary ‘Welcome’ Juice Offered At The Lobby

Upon checking in, it’s normal for resorts to offer complimentary welcome drinks. These drinks are usually filled with lots of sugar and artificial ingredients. If you want to avoid feeling sick or bloated on vacation, don’t drink the complimentary juice. 

Avoid The Crowds

If you’re looking for a bit of serenity and peace while on vacation, it’s best to avoid the crowds at the resort. Peak season starts in November and ends in April which means loads of crowds. 

If you want to avoid crowded resorts, travel during the off-season months. 

Don’t Eat At The Buffet The Entire Time 

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In addition to the buffets, there are sit-down restaurants at the resort that serve up delicious meals. Sometimes leaving the resort and trying other restaurants is a nice change of pace. 

Don’t Eat Food That Seems It Was Sitting Out For Hours

A good rule of thumb when at all-inclusive resorts is to eat food that is cooked thoroughly. This means avoiding meat that is pink in the middle or cold foods like sushi and shrimp. These foods need proper refrigeration and usually at resorts, they end up sitting out all day. 

Avoid Any Hidden Fees

All-inclusive resorts aren’t usually what they seem to be. Some things may come at an additional charge such as airport transfers or certain dishes. Be mindful of any hidden fees so you won’t be hit with surprise charges. 

Avoid Shopping At The Gift Shops

When packing, be sure to include absolutely everything you may need while on vacation. If you forget an item like sunscreen or toothpaste, you may be having to pay unnecessarily high prices for them at the resort shop. Items in those shops are usually outrageously overpriced. 

Don’t Lose Your Resort Wristband

When checking into the resort, you’ll be given a wristband. You should always keep the wristband on to avoid losing it. Having your wristband allows you to enter restaurants, bars and other activities on the resort’s premises. 

If you lose your wristband, you can expect to pay hefty fines. According to Wolters World, some resorts charge between $75-$100 per day for lost wristbands. 

Avoid Only Staying At The Resort The Entire Time

Just because you shouldn’t leave the resort alone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t leave at all. Leaving the resort allows you to really see the country you’re visiting and what it truly has to offer. 

Avoid Drinking Sugary Drinks

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Staying at an all-inclusive resort means having 24/7 access to unlimited food and drinks. While drinking cocktails is a nice way to unwind, it’s suggested not to drink it every day. 

Not only do these drinks have loads of sugar, but according to Everybody Craves, these sugar-filled drinks can lead to dehydration. 

Don’t Eat Exotic Foods

When traveling, it’s natural to want to try exotic foods like iguana, grasshoppers, or scorpions. However, to avoid getting sick in a foreign country, it’s best to leave these foods alone altogether. 

Don’t Stay Out In The Sun All Day

Laying out by the pool or beach is definitely a must while on vacation but exposing yourself to the sun all day can be harmful to your health. 

Copake Camping Resort states, “too much sun can be dangerous in the case of sunburn, heat exhaustion, and dehydration. Overheating, along with dehydration, is a serious risk, especially for children and older adults.”

Don’t Drink The Tap Water

Sure drinking tap water in your city may be fine but if you’re heading to Cancun, it’s best to stick to bottled water. 

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According to Trip Savvy, “generally, the water is purified at the source, but the distribution system may allow the water to be contaminated en route to the tap.”

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