Traveling In Asia: 'I Saw A Train Passenger Google Black Person With Braids'
Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

Traveling In Asia: 'I Saw A Train Passenger Google Black Person With Braids'

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Parker Diakite
Parker Diakite Jun 1, 2020

A viral video of Nannette Boakye traveling through Vietnam shows a glimpse of what it’s like traveling in a country as a person of color.

In the video, you see people crowding around her with their cameras in hands and phones on selfie sticks to take her picture.

In an interview, Boakye told Travel Noire that she was curious to learn more about Southeast Asia, particularly Vietnam, because of its rich history, culture, and authentic cuisine.

Boakye said the interactions she captured in her now-viral TikTok video were not just limited to Vietnam, but in the other Southeast Asia countries she and her friends visited during that trip including Cambodia and Singapore.

In Singapore, Boakye said she witnessed a group of locals staring at her on the train. She goes on to explain that one of the locals googled a picture of a black person with braids before showing the picture to the rest of the group.

“They all started nodding as though they finally understood what and who I was,” she told Travel Noire. “There was something about their response and expressions that made it seem like their confusion had been addressed.  It was honestly at that point that it really hit me that some of these people I had met during the trip had genuinely never seen a black person with braids before.”

Here’s more about what Baoakye learned in Vietnam and she drops some advice for other people of color who plan to travel to Southeast Asia.