While travelers can’t physically see the Arctic Circle, the regions within its perimeter are home to stunning natural landscapes. Travelers can experience majestic valleys, towering, snow-capped mountains, and deep fjords across parts of Europe. With so much to see, one of the best ways to travel through the Arctic Circle is to experience it slowly. 

Travel agency Up Norway has curated the ultimate travel excursion showcasing the beauty of the Arctic Circle by train. Surrounded by peace and tranquility, The Arctic Circle Express Train takes visitors on a 12-day tour of the Norwegian landscape. Guests enjoy a variety of experiences during the getaway. From exploring local towns and villages to riding slowly through the mountainside and staying in some of the finest hotels, this train ride is a must if Norway is your next travel destination.

Experience The Beauty Of The Arctic Circle 

Photo credit: stein egil liland

The Arctic Circle Express Train gives travelers the perfect amount of time to experience Norway the right way. The tours take place between May and September, which Up Norway considers the best time to see the Scandinavian countryside. 

Itineraries for passengers are designed by the agency’s trip curators. Each journey begins in Oslo. At the start of a multi-railway adventure, travelers embark on the voyage of a lifetime through the mountains of the Arctic Circle. 

While passengers enjoy a double room and breakfast onboard, the train ride isn’t the highlight of the trip. The tour has a plethora of adventures built into it. You can hike Godoya Island and get a private farm tour, cruise the Nærøyfjorden Fjord, and ride Europe’s steepest railway the Flåm Railway. Train conductors stop for travelers to explore a few cities including Bergen and Ålesund.

Returning To Slow Travel

Photo credit: Soumith Soman

When airplane technology grew in popularity in the 1950s, train travel fell to the back. However, more travelers have been gravitating back to railways. Modern-day travel is very fast-paced. Itineraries are stuffed with excursions, sights to see, and restaurants to try. This can make it difficult to truly enjoy the destination. 

The Arctic Circle Express Train alleviates the desire to move at the speed of light while visiting Norway. Instead, professionals have optimized the country’s best experiences into a multi-week excursion at a slow pace. 

Beyond the delightful train ride, travelers will also be able to try some of Norway’s culinary offerings. The tour includes 7 dinners and 2 lunches while traveling. Guests will have dinner at multiple restaurants along the railways including Restaurant 1877 and Apotekergata 5.

Travelers can also extend their journey by adding on a 3-day stint on the Ofoten Railway. The extra days take passengers through Narvik towards Sweden. This provides even more time to experience the natural landscape of the Arctic Circle. 

Magic is happening in nature and there’s no better place to check it out than on the Arctic Circle Express Train. The train voyage cost $4499 USD. Travelers also have the option to have their train adventure tailored to their specific needs.