After establishing herself as a successful artist in show biz, Amara La Negra has decided to go beyond her entertainment career and venture into another field. Shadow and Act previously reported the Love & Hip-Hop reality TV star was planning to embark on a new business venture by entering the world of real estate.

Now, it is official. Amara Residences, La Negra’s luxury apartments, will be built in Las Terrenas a touristic paradisiacal area of the Dominican Republic. The town is the very same one in which Offset recently purchased a mansion to gift wife Cardi B. for her birthday.

The announcement was made on La Negra’s real estate Instagram page, where the celebrity told her fans she hopes to “create generational wealth” with the newly built residences. She has been taking fans on her real estate journey since last week, giving her followers a look at the property before construction begins.

“This is Everything I Dreamed of! And This is only One of Many to Come!” she said.

Amara Residences promises to offer its residents astonishing views of the area’s scenic landscapes, white sand beaches, and clear waters. Tourism in this region is constantly growing due to investments in tourist infrastructure such as hotels, clubs, restaurants, and shopping malls.

La Negra’s building will include 42 apartments and 12 penthouses. The complex will also feature “a full bar and a full gym.” With such fancy features, as one can imagine, units will not be on the cheap side. The starting price will be around $175,000 for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

La Negra has been one of the most heard voices for Black Latinos in the entertainment industry in the U.S. Along with being an entertainer, she’s a proud activist. With her Dominican roots, La Negra has been fiercely outspoken about the colorism she’s faced within the Afro-Latino community, as well as in the entertainment industry.

Recently, La Negra made headlines after her appearance on Red Table Talk, the Estefans’ show hosted by Gloria Estefan. The singer told the Estefans that she has been rejected for jobs because she doesn’t have the right ‘look.’

“I’ve gone to auditions for novelas for these Latin channels and they’ve told me, ‘We love your energy, your personality, but we’re looking for someone who looks more Latina. The prototype of the Latin woman is a woman like you and you,” she said, pointing at the hosts, including Emily and Lili Estefan. “Whatever it is, it doesn’t look like me.”

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