Amairis Barnett made plans pre-pandemic, to take a birthday trip where she could enjoy outdoor adventures. But then the world shutdown.

As things slowly began to reopen, she realized that she had to be flexible with her travel plans. She booked a trip to Zambia where her photos and video have now gone viral.

Travel Noire caught up with Barnett to discuss more about her trip, her experience with traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what she learned about herself during an epic birthday trip.

Travel Noire: Your trip to Zambia went viral, especially your adventure at Victoria Falls. What’s the backstory of your viral video?

Amairis: I wanted to have a big birthday celebration, and specifically, I wanted to do the line excursion for my 25th birthday. I started planning in February, but as you all know, COVID came in March, and everything shut down.

I still wanted to do something for my birthday but realized that I had to pick a country that was open and it was Zambia.  

Travel Noire: How was it traveling to Zambia, during the coronavirus? 

Amairis: It was smooth and easier than I thought. I just needed to have a negative COVID-19 before leaving JFK Airport in New York, and I needed one to leave Zambia. The whole process made me feel safe, honestly. 

Travel Noire: How would you pitch Zambia to our readers?

Amairis: I love that they took such good care of me like. I would have been completely comfortable without my aunt, who I traveled with. Every excursion we went on, the Zambian people took such great care of us, and they were really welcoming. 

Travel Noire: Speaking of excursions, let’s talk about the video of you at Victoria Fall. Were you afraid?

Amairis: I wasn’t scared! It was another excursion lol. It wasn’t a random thing where we’re hanging off a bit like a crazy person […] it’s actually something that even natives participate in, 

What was scarier was the bungee jump excursion but everything was fine. 

Travel Noire: What did you learn from your birthday trip?

Amairis: This trip was supposed to be a birthday trip with other people, but everyone kept backing out.  I would say don’t wait for anyone to go anywhere with you because you’ll be waiting forever and miss out on great opportunities. 

If you want to travel then just go. Don’t wait for anybody because you’ll be waiting forever.