A disgruntled former Airbnb host said he was banned from the rental marketplace after the “woke company” claimed his X posts were racist. 

Online user Petey B., @realpeteyb123, shared his story on X with a lengthy post on May 14. He said Airbnb removed him from its community because of his “rants about Black women.” Petey argued that Airbnb “never once [was] able to prove how I was racist, they just wanted me to be racist.”

Besides condemning the company and its “rogue workers,” Petey expressed concern over AirBnB’s last-minute cancellations of his upcoming bookings. He alleged that the rental listings subjected to cancelations weren’t “directly correlated” with him and his X account because they were “run through [an] LLC.” The self-proclaimed superhost added that “multiple” Black people had rented from him in the past and left five-star reviews.

Petey shared his thoughts with a screenshot of Airbnb’s notice of removal. As of this report, over two million people have seen his post.

What Did Petey B. Say About Black Women On X?

Airbnb hasn’t disclosed what tweets prompted them to ban Petey from their platform. However, the former host made Black women the subjects of his tweets at least twice in April. 

In one of the uploads, he argued that his other entrepreneur friends have had issues with Black women trying to reverse credit card charges after receiving services or goods. He said, “All my friends and family who own restaurants suffer with Black female patrons doing chargebacks. You can call these posts racist, or we can deal with the problem at hand. If you think I’m racist, you can kiss my a**.”

In a separate post, Petey claimed ‘ghetto’ Black women overreacted to someone smoking a cigarette while dining in Greece.

“My friend told her nicely that it’s allowed and they began screaming and acting hysterical and called over management,” he tweeted. “Management told them it’s allowed. They said they don’t care and aren’t paying. Management told them they aren’t allowed to leave, are calling the cops, and blocked them from moving. BTW the girls were ghetto.”