Add these 25 waterfalls to the spring travel list. Take a quick trip to any of these falls, as they are all located within the United States. Hawaiian and Alaskan waterfalls are included, but getting to either one of these places is a cinch. While there are famous falls on this list, some of these falls are more exclusive and less known. This gives guests the opportunity to enjoy some alone time soaking in the roaring falls and quiet waters below.

Waterfalls are, “areas where flowing river water drops abruptly and nearly vertically.” They can occur through a drop in a river or with the melting of a glacier. Spring is a good time to see waterfalls because the snow and ice are beginning to melt. All of the run-off goes into streams and rivers and over the edge of the ice shelves, creating a larger, more eye-catching waterfall.

Some of these waterfalls will require a bit of a hike. One even offers overnight camping spots. Others are simple to get to and may be right off the main highway. Take a dip, lay on the beach, or bundle up and take advantage of these mighty waterfalls during the spring. Every one of these waterfalls are definitely worth adding to your spring travel list.

1. Niagra Falls


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Of course Niagara Falls is on the top of the list. Three sets of falls are seen by two countries. The largest is known as Canadian Falls, or Horseshoe Falls and is shaped like a semi-circle. Get a hotel room with a view of it all on the Canadian side of the falls.

2. Virgin Creek Falls


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Not far from Anchorage, Alaska is Virgin Creek Falls. Walking into this scene will feel like you’ve stepped into the real life FernGully. The green and moss that wraps itself around these falls are almost surreal.

3. Seven Falls, Colorado

Located in Colorado Springs, Seven Falls is easily accessible to hikers of all skill levels. The name states precisely what it is, seven waterfalls each flowing down into another. Fed by the South Cheyenne Creek, there’s an elevator to get to a look-out point as well as a long set of steep stairs for the brave.

4. Yosemite Falls

The highest waterfall at the park, Yosemite Falls is 2,425 feet en total. Two falls connect in this California National Park to form this spectacular sight. Late spring is the best time to see this waterfall roar the loudest.

5. Waimoku Falls


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Waimoku Falls is in Hawaii and requires a bit of a hike. One hiker said they did it in flip-flops, so it can’t be too difficult of a pass. Remark over the 200 – foot waterfall that comes careening out of a cliff.

6. Winner Creek Falls

To get to Winner Creek Falls, hikers will have to take a hand tram across a rushing river. This Alaska waterfall is near the ski mountain Alyeska and there’s still skiing in the spring here. This 10-foot tall waterfall is short but mighty.

7. McWay Falls

McWay Falls in Big Sur, California is something out of a movie scene. Take a quick hike down to the falls, located just off of Highway One. The falls back right up to a protected beach with waters ready for swimming.

8. Looking Glass Waterfalls


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Visitors wade and swim in the pool under Looking Glass Waterfalls in North Carolina. Take the staircase down to the falls from the parking lot to get a view from the bottom of the falls.

9. Trail of Ten Falls

See ten waterfalls in a seven mile hike in Oregon’s Silver Falls State Park this spring. A seven mile trail leads tourists to ten stunning waterfalls. Oregon’s largest state park, it is just 20 miles east of Salem.

10. Akaka Falls


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It is only a 15 minute walk on a paved trail to get to the splendid views of Akaka Falls in Hawaii. The beauty that surrounds the hike is as breathtaking as the falls are.

11. Nugget Falls


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Gushing with frigid water in the springtime, it is a great part of the year to visit Nugget Falls in Alaska. The water doesn’t really warm up enough to be enjoyed during any season, but the sight of the falls is gorgeous against the backdrop of the mountains.

12. Havasu Falls

Arizona gets pretty warm in the late Spring, so jumping into the Havasu Falls is a delight. There are places to sunbathe, wade, swim and jump at these unforgettable falls.

13. Whitewater Falls

The 811-foot drop of water at Whitewater Falls in North Carolina is a multi-leveled waterfall seething down slick rock formations. Take a quick walk on a paved trail to view the falls from two observation decks.

14. Yellowstone Falls

Yellowstone National Park is another big name, popular park for many tourists. Well worth the hike, there are three main waterfalls at the edge of the park. Wide and powerful, this is a must-see waterfall this spring.

15. South Fork Eagle River Falls


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Not well-known to the over 2 million tourists that visit Alaska each year, the South Fork Eagle River Falls is somewhat of a secret. The trail is under a mile long too, so it’s pretty easy to get there.

16. Bushkill Falls


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The small Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania hold a big attraction. Bushkill Falls is a series of eight waterfalls that can be reached through a series of hikes. Some are easy treks, while others are more strenuous. The season starts in March and continues through September. The park is closed in the winter.

17. Palouse Falls


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Washington state’s deciduous forests  house many precious water features. Camping at a waterfall is one of the surprises of the state. Palouse Falls has several ways for its visitors to see its glory. Camping, hiking and scenic viewpoints are all great ways to see this 186-foot waterfall.

18. Calf Creek Falls

The red rocks around Calf Creek Falls and the desert views create an oasis in Arizona. Park and see the lower falls, or take an easy hike on a paved trail to really soak in the views of the upper falls.

19. Snoqualmie Falls

As seen on the TV show Twin Peaks, Snoqualmie Falls gained popularity with the rise of the show. Two waterfalls come out at about the same point, then crash into the water as one. A couple hundred feet from the parking lot, this is one of the easiest to get to on this list.

20. Explorer Glacier Waterfall


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Explorer Glacier Waterfall gushes out of the side of a mountain in Alaska. The seven mile hike in is rewarded with a 200-foot tall glacier fed waterfall and a view of the glacier itself.

21. Multnomah Falls


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Multnomah Falls receives over two million visitors per year, making it one of the most visited waterfalls in the Pacific Northwest. At almost seven hundred feet tall, it’s no wonder people want to see this waterfall.

22. Ruby Falls


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This waterfall is unique in that it comes out inside of a cave. Ruby Falls is 148-feet tall and it comes barreling through Lookout Mountain in Tennessee. It is the tallest underground waterfall the public can visit. It’s the deepest too.

23. Hemmed-In Hollow Falls


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Flowing through the Ozarks, Hemmed-In Hollow Falls is over 200-feet high. This single waterfall takes a bit of effort to see. A steep and treacherous hike, the five miles in are worth it when you see this beautiful waterfall.

24. Bridal Veil Falls


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Used by ice climbers in the winter, the Bridal Veil Falls are melting in the Spring. This is the tallest waterfall in Colorado and getting to it can be semi-challenging, as the hike is almost five miles long.

25. Bond Falls


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It may be a bit too cold during spring, but Bond Falls in Michigan is a summertime swimming hole for locals and tourists. During the spring, it is thawing out, making for some beautiful scenes. This extremely wide waterfall is only about 50-feet tall.