Accra’s Pan African Heritage Museum isn’t scheduled to open until 2023, but it is already making noise and receiving global praise.  TIME Magazine just listed the more than $30 million museum among the top 100 world’s greatest places for tourists to visit.

TIME Magazine called Ghana’s capital city “a hub for creativity and culture,” adding, “next year, the Pan African Heritage World Museum is scheduled to open. It will house archives, exhibits, galleries, and a theater, with the aim of being a key destination for visitors interested in connecting with Africa’s history and its people’s heritage.”

The museum is the brainchild of Kojo Yankah, who serves as founder of the African University College Communications.

Yankah says through art, exhibitions, artifacts, and more, he wants to share the true history of the continent and the people under the world’s most noted scholars from the birth of civilization to where we are today.

His ultimate goal is to curate, preserve, and communicate the history, ideas, philosophy, and cultural heritage of people of African descent within a 21st-century context of social, economic, and political development, museum organizers announced in a press release.

When global leaders met on Sept. 21 to announce the project, they called the museum “one of the most important projects of the cultural and historical significance of our time.”

“After centuries of separation, people of African descent have an obligation to share a common space that helps to bridge the wide gap that exists among them as a result of deliberate miseducation and historical oppression. The Pan African World Heritage Museum fulfills this obligation,” said Yankah.

Once complete, the museum will reportedly be a space for large events as it will boast 1,000 seats, an operational theater, film studio, shopping mall, a herbal farm, and more.

More than 150,000 pictures and artifacts have been donated to the museum, Ghana Web reports.

And while the museum isn’t expected to be physically open until 2023, multiple sources say curious spectators will have the chance to view the physical space online in 2022 when construction is complete.

You can keep up with the museum by visiting its website regulary by clicking here.