The reign of King Charles III is just months old, but some people have made it clear they aren’t particularly fond of him. He doesn’t appear to be as popular as his mother was.

According to The Associated Press, “a man allegedly hurled an egg towards the king during a visit to a town center on Tuesday.”

The suspect’s name hasn’t been released.

What Was King Charles III Doing?

The Associated Press writes, “Charles was meeting members of the public outside the town hall in Luton, 30 miles north of London.”

After the egg was thrown, the king’s bodyguards moved him elsewhere and “he resumed shaking hands with members of the public.”

The Associated Press adds, “the king was due to visit several sites in Luton on Tuesday, including a transit station and a Sikh house of worship, a gurdwara.”

Not The First Time Eggs Have Been Thrown At Royals

Just last month, another young man threw eggs at the King and Queen while they were visiting York, in northern England.

He was arrested and shortly released on bail.

King Charles has done a sizable amount of traveling within Britain since the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, in September.

How Did Authorities Respond?

The Associated Press reports, “Bedfordshire Police questioned a man in his 20s about an alleged common assault.”

He will likely make bail.

The punishment would have been more severe if the man had thrown an egg back when the monarchy had more teeth.

Centuries ago, he could have found himself sitting in a hellish prison, or worse yet, missing a hand.