It must be mighty nice to have 8 billion dollars to construct a yacht! On Instagram, CNN wrote, “in a time of economic crisis, what could be more outré than a superyacht? Why, a terayacht of course.”

The caption was paired with an aerial image of a luxury boat shaped like a sea turtle. The Lazzarini firm, which is overseeing the ambitious project, said construction would start around 2033. It won’t be finished for about a decade after that.

What Will The Boat Be Called?


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If the boat is built, it’ll be named Pangeos- a play on Pangea, the pre-historic super continent.

According to CNN, “Pangea existed from 200 million to 335 million years ago.”

How Big Will It Be?

Pangeos will function as a floating city, complete with “hotels, shopping malls, parks and even ports for smaller ships and aircraft to get guests there in style.”

CNN said, “it’d have a massive 30 meters, or 98 feet, of draft, and be able to cruise at a speed of five knots — although the ‘wings’ would draw energy from the drag and waves breaking against the ship.”

Where Will It Be Built?

It hasn’t been decided as of yet, but Saudi Arabia is of interest to the designers.

CNN explained, “around one square kilometer of sea would need to be dredged and a circular dam constructed before the build could commence. The designers have earmarked a space at King Abdullah Port, 81 miles north of Jeddah as the ideal location.”

What Other Features Will The Boat Have?

There will be a main square, ports and gardens.

Solar panels along the roof will power the watercraft.

CNN reported, “below the living space would be 30,000 cells which would keep the structure afloat.”