The Selaron steps are known worldwide for the vibrant colors and picturesque architecture. It is almost mandatory for tourists who visit when in Rio de Janeiro. What many don’t realize is that they are located in Lapa, the main night district of Rio.

With bars, nightclubs and restaurants surrounding the streets of this historic neighborhood, Lapa offers a variety of options for all tastes. The region has become increasingly touristy, which for some makes it lose its old-world charm, but for many it is a great place to enjoy the nightlife after spending a day visiting other touristic places in Rio.

We’ve rounded-up 7 of the best places in Lapa you should visit when in Rio de Janeiro. On the list, there are restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Check them out.

1. Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium is a beautiful nightclub in Lapa that is a mix of a restaurant, dance club, bar and concert venue.

Every week, Rio Scenarium offers different attractions, so it is recommended to visit its website to see the schedule for the week.

2. Leviano Bar


Leviano Bar attracts different cultures, and they can listen to different types of music, including Brazilian, Colombian, Mexican, Reggae, Hip Hop and so on.

On Fridays, the bar has samba (Afro-Brazilian music genre) sessions to entertain guests. Leviano also offers an interesting variety of Brazilian food and drinks.

3. Boteco da Garrafa

Located in the heart of Lapa, this pub & bar offers great Brazilian cuisine, with tasty appetizers, empanadas and grilled meats.

It is also known for the excellent service provided by its employees.

4. Carioca da Gema

This two-story colonial mansion is one of the most traditional strongholds of samba nights in Rio. It is divided into four areas: main hall, balcony, terrace and second floor.

On the menu, you can find everything from traditional snacks, such as cod nuggets and cheese rolls, to ham sandwiches, filet Mignon and turkey breast or hot dishes such as bolognese penne and cod cone.

5. Bar da Lapa

Bar da Lapa is a high concept bar owned by Antarctica Brewery, a popular beer brand in Brazil. The space mixes contemporary features with classic elements.

The menu features traditional appetizers, such as the Feijoada Cake. Another gastronomic attraction is the Samba de Dois.

6. Antonio's Bar

Antonio’s Bar is known for its delicious sandwiches pizzas, as well as for its snacks and Brazil’s northeastern dishes.

The bar offers a chill environment, and it also has beautiful decor inside.

7. Mangue Seco

It is the best cachaça bar in Rio de Janeiro. Located in a former colonial mansion from the 19th century,  Mangue Seco is a bar, restaurant and cachaça store with more than 100 labels of craft cachaça.

On the menu you’ll find Brazilian seafood like moquecas, stews, shrimps and crabs as well as meat dishes.