After a few years of dating, you want to take a step further and ask for a marriage proposal. With this decision, a question might have come to your mind: “How to make a perfect proposal?” There are countless ways to make an unforgettable marriage proposal. There are from simple plans to the most elaborate surprises. The marriage proposal can be made in a public place, at a party, or in a restaurant. However, one of the unique ways is to propose on vacation.

After all, why not surprise your partner in a stunning place with the famous: “Will you marry me ?”

Travel Noire has chosen seven tips to make a perfect proposal on vacation with your love partner.

1. Do not buy the rings at the last minute

Forgetting to buy the most important item of the marriage proposal for the end is something you want to avoid. So, it is recommended that you order the rings at least two weeks before departure.

Also, the purchase process of jewelry can take some time. As it is an item of great emotional value and a higher price, you will likely want to research and look for a perfect ring model that fits your budget.

Therefore, do the math correctly and don’t forget the period of manufacture of the rings and the delivery period.

2. You must propose at the beginning of the travel

It’s recommended to propose within the first few days of your travel, especially for shorter trips. This will make your trip even more exciting, indeed. The more time passes, the more suspicious your partner can become.

3. Choosing the right place

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After acquiring the wedding ring, you must choose the best place for the proposal. Will the marriage proposal be made at a tourist spot?

From your initial ideas, avoid crowded places, especially if your partner is shy.

Remember that if the marriage proposal is in an open place, be aware of the weather conditions. It can happen to rain or happen a blizzard.

Also, unforeseen events happen, so always have a backup plan.

4. Proposing on a plane

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In some cases, proposing on a flight can be very exciting. If you already have a flight booked together, consider timing it to the proposal; chances are your partner will be less suspicious on an existing itinerary.
It’s also recommended to notify the airline before the flight. The crew members might help you get the service and assistance you need for this special moment.

5. Proposing during the breakfast

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Mornings can be a great time to propose. You had a great night with your love partner. So, nothing better than starting the next day by making a wedding proposal to the love of your life. Very romantic, indeed. Also, you can even talk to the hotel staff to prepare a memorable breakfast.

6. Proposing on the beach

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If you are traveling during the summer and a destination is a place with paradisiacal beaches, there is nothing better than making a marriage proposal in this environment. Tip: Wait for the sunset and propose.

7. Proposing in a restaurant


The dinner proposal is a classic. The proposal creates a special moment for the meeting. If you don’t know the city, an internet search engine can help you find the best restaurant that will please your partner and, at the same time, fit your budget. Do not forget to reserve a table in your name in advance.

Also, contact the restaurant manager so that the staff can assist in the preparation of the proposal, which can involve an unforgettable surprise.

Important! Do not propose at the beginning of the meal.